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Undergraduate Programs in the Arts

fine arts degrees Missouri.

Dream. Create. Inspire. Flourish.

William Woods University’s fine and performing arts programs provide a canvas for you to paint your future. Extra and co-curricular opportunities provide hands-on experience in creating, producing, marketing, and performing. Mentorship programs and senior practicum courses enhance the classroom experience.

William Woods provides a rich learning environment for students who are driven to create. Gladys W. Kemper Center for the Arts features studios and classrooms for all concentrations. Quality studios and exhibition spaces give you room to work as well as a forum for showcasing that work. This thoughtfully design space promotes creativity and collaboration. The Mildred M. Cox Gallery often features student art in a museum-quality public viewing.

Degrees and Concentrations

Students can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA). For either of these degrees, students also select to focus on a media concentration: Graphic Design, Photography or Studio Art.

Students can also choose to add a minor; students from other majors can also choose to minor in an area of Art that provides inspiration and a complement to their career path.

Studio Portfolio Program

Each year every student presents their portfolio to a panel of faculty and outside professionals for review. Faculty and professionals in the art field offer their feedback and guidance to get you real-world ready. Students are able to grow their creative talents while developing their professional communication and presentation skills.

Career Opportunities

Our alumni are working in creative and leadership positions, as well as pursuing successful freelance careers. Many receive their MFA to teach college-level arts, or combine their bachelor’s degree with non-arts degrees, giving them the opportunity to pursue a career in teaching, public relations, marketing, and related fields. Others are adding their creativity to business teams, in organizations nationwide.

Majors and Minors

Get inspired and gain an understanding of the history and foundational elements of Art. Become an expert in the area where your passion flourishes.

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