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Woods Wellness Center

Health Services

Services are provided to full-time traditional students.

Benefits of The Woods Wellness Center

  • Convenience- Students can see our staff between classes and as their schedules allow. Woods Wellness Center staff work hard to accommodate student schedules. Our services are located on campus within walking distance. No vehicle required.
  • Economy - Most of your needs are paid for by your student health fee. Those few services not covered will be charged to you at our cost.
  • Quality - Health services are provided by a Nurse Practitioner with years of health care experience.
  • Individual Attention - Our staff provides care for students, not the entire community. We have the health of William Woods campus as our top priority.

Services Provided

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illness or injuries; earaches, sore throats, urinary infections
  • Management of chronic illness; asthma, diabetes, allergies
  • Consultation for health concerns; including weight management, smoking cessation, and healthy diets
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV Testing
  • Well Woman Care; including pap smears, emergency contraception (Plan B), pregnancy testing, birth control advice and prescriptions
  • Physical exams for employment or other reasons
  • Allergy injections
  • Lab testing to local reference lab or hospital with a fee
  • Prescriptions for medications as indicated by student's condition
  • Referrals to medical sub specialists or therapy as indicated by student condition and request

While most students are able to have their health care needs taken care of on campus, there are several local services also available to students.

Afterhours Care Options

Health Insurance

Students are strongly encouraged to have private health insurance. The Woods Wellness Center does not bill private insurance for any services provided. Students will need health insurance to cover the costs of prescription medication and any health or counseling services that are not offered at William Woods University.

If you are uninsured, there are brochures on student insurance available in Woods Wellness Center. In addition, GradGuard, a service of Next Generation Insurance Group, provides insurance alternatives specifically designed for college students. GradGuard provides three alternatives, including:

  • Individual Health Plan - Featuring Choice of Plans and Deductibles
  • Short Term Medical - Valuable during interim periods where permanent coverage is not available and particularly to new graduates
  • International Student Health - Designed for full-time students traveling outside of their home country

Counseling Services

Provided Services

Our university counselor provides individual and group counseling, and programming on mental health topics. In addition, the counselor is available to act as a referral for community resources and to consult about mental health issues on campus. Services are provided to full-time traditional students. 

Addiction Assistance

Our university counselor is available for students who are struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. Students, with the assistance of their counselor, can create a plan to interrupt their addictions cycle and make healthy choices.

Along with seeing a University counselor, students may want to have peer support when they are struggling with addictive behaviors and thoughts. Additional resources can be found within the community.

Students with family and friends who are struggling with addiction can also find support with the University counselor but may benefit from peer support. Knowing that you are not alone in your desire to heal.

Emergency Services

The counselor is on-call for emergencies. Contact your Area Coordinator or Campus Security and they will put you in touch with the counselor.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a life-threatening emergency such as suicidal thoughts or a mental health crisis call or text 988. If you or someone you know is experiencing a physical emergency call 911 and then call campus security. The health and safety of students requiring immediate medical treatment is the first priority. A counselor will be available to support you through the crisis.

Local Mental Health Services

Prevention Services

Suicide Prevention Training Program

William Woods University has implemented a Suicide Prevention Training Program known as "Ask, Listen, Refer." This program is designed to help faculty, staff, and students:

  • Identify people at risk for suicide
  • Recognize the risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs of suicide
  • Respond to and get help for people at risk

Immunization Requirements for Admission

All new students at William Woods University are required to provide proof of two Mumps, Measles, and Rubella (MMR) vaccines. Missouri State Legislation requires residential students to provide proof of one Meningococcal conjugate (Meningitis) vaccine of either MCV4 (Menactra, Menveo) or MPSV 4 (Menomune). These must be provided to the Woods Wellness Center before attending classes.

Additionally, any student receiving COVID-19 vaccine(s) are asked to upload that documentation in the link below. Students receiving the two dose vaccine may load documentation after 2 nd vaccine.

Submit immunizations

Note: If you do not have the capability to scan and upload your records, you can mail or fax your proof of immunizations to:

Woods Wellness Center
One University Avenue
Fulton, MO 65251
Voice: 573.592.4222
Fax: 573.592.1660

Proof of immunization may be:

  • A copy of personal immunization record (state produced form)
  • A copy of clinic, physician office or health department records
  • A copy of high school or previous college immunization records

Detailed information on the WWU immunization requirements and tuberculosis policy may be accessed below:

It is strongly recommended that all students receive vaccination for COVID-19 and upload proof of vaccination using the link below.

Those who have not yet received two MMR immunizations, should receive one or both as soon as possible and forward the proof to the Woods Wellness Center. If you have not yet received at least one meningococcal MCV4 or MPSV4 which covers serogroups A, C, W and Y and will be a residential student, you must receive this immunization as well.

Exemption from these requirements may be accepted for medical or religious reasons. These exemptions will be granted only after written evidence is submitted to the Woods Wellness Center in lieu of proof of immunization. An appointment with the WWU nurse practitioner will be required for approval of exemption upon arriving to campus.

Students born prior to 1956 are also exempt from this requirement. Students who do not have proof of adequate immunization may be required to leave campus if a case of mumps, measles or meningitis is found.

Failure to provide proof of two MMR vaccines for all students and one meningococcal vaccine (MCV4 or MPSV4) for all residential students will result in your inability to register for classes. It is also highly recommended that commuter students obtain the meningococcal vaccine as well.


Staff at the Woods Wellness Center place your privacy as a top priority. Parents and concerned family members are urged to contact students directly when questions about counseling and health issues arise. We are bound to protect the student's privacy and are not able to discuss counseling or health issues with any individual without permission from the student.

The Woods Wellness Center is separate from other departments at WWU and the staff will not share private health information with our faculty or staff without the express permission of the student involved. In accordance with professional, ethical and legal guidelines, safety takes precedence over confidentiality. Therefore, if a student poses a threat to either him or herself or to another person, staff will report only pertinent information needed to maintain safety. The information will only be shared with those who will make appropriate use of such information.

The Woods Wellness Center keeps medical and mental health records in accordance with HIPPA, professional, legal and ethical guidelines. Other than authorized staff, no one will have access to student records without written permission from the student, for the release of specific record information. Medical and mental health records are not part of the student's academic file, and even the fact that the student utilized the Woods Wellness Center will not be divulged to anyone without the student's permission except in specific emergency situations.