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Graduate and Online Undergraduate

Your tuition won’t go up as long as you stay enrolled!

We call it our Tuition Promise: The Graduate program at William Woods University guarantees you will experience no tuition increases once your program has started, provided you remain continuously enrolled in that program.

Affordable tuition for top quality online programs!

Our fully accredited online program is ranked one of the nation’s top online programs by U.S. News and World Report for both quality and affordability.


Item Cost per Item
Online Undergraduate $325 credit hour
ITP Program $325 credit hour
ITP Course Fee $225 per course
Masters in Education $450 credit hour
Masters in Psychology $450 credit hour
All other Master Programs $500 credit hour
Education Specialist $600 credit hour
Doctorate $750 credit hour
Doctorate in Leadership and Adult Learning in Organizations (EdD) $750 credit hour
Doctorate in Educational Leadership (EdD K-12) $750 credit hour
Doctorate in Ethical Leadership $750 credit hour

Estimated Additional Costs May Include

  • Full-Time
    • Books - $600
    • Personal - $1,500
    • Travel - $1,000
  • Part-Time
    • Books - $300
    • Personal - $750
    • Travel - $500


  • Application: No charge
  • Independent Study Fee/Tutorial Fee: $90/credit hour
  • Credentialed Learning Credit (Graduate): $100/credit hour
  • Graduation Fee: $150 - Associate and Bachelor | $200 - Master and Specialist | $250 - Doctorate
  • Add/Drop fee: $10 each transaction
  • Late Registration Fee: $25
  • Official Transcript: starting at $15 each
  • Additional Course Fees as assigned

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