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Associate of Arts in Leadership

Associate of Arts in Leadership

A new degree for a new world of work

Today’s government, military and private sector is challenged to do more, do it better, and do it differently – and that means employees are too.

Employers also want to see more – leadership skills, the ability to manage projects or people, flexibility to adapt to change. No matter the sector you work in, or your years in the field, you’ll be challenged to show your leadership and adaptability to stay current and move ahead in your career.

Demonstrate your commitment, leadership skills and adaptability to today's employers

The best way to improve your skills and prove your leadership competence? An associate degree in leadership from a respected university program like the School of Business and Technology at William Woods University. An A.A. degree shows more focus and commitment than professional development or training seminars.

Program Highlights

The A.A. in Leadership can be delivered on-line in convenient 8-week courses, allowing you to balance work/life obligations. Or students can choose an on-campus, in-person program in a traditional semester format.

The A.A. in Leadership curriculum includes

  • 61 total semester hours
  • Of these, 43 are general education credits
  • 18 are specific leadership credits
  • Pracitcal coursework in Adapting to Change, Leading Teams, Psychology of Leadership, and other essential modern topics
  • These credits work together to create a program where you can learn, grow and flourish
  • Transferring in existing credits may save you time in the program

Who should pursue an A.A. in Leadership

  • Recent high school graduates will find an A.A. in Leadership can jump start their professional life and can be an asset in any field. It can be a great fit while working part-time or pursuing other interests.
  • Those looking to strengthen their current career potential will find the AA program to be an affordable, flexible option. This is a great way to demonstrate commitment, leadership, management and people skills to any employer, or when seeking a promotion or new position.
  • Career changers will broaden their background and learn skills that apply to any field.
  • Small business owners can gain confidence to grow their business effectively by combining university education with real-world leadership practices.

Admissions and Enrollment

The A.A. in Leadership degree is a new program accepting students for Fall 2021 (August start).

To apply as an online student, select “Undergraduate Online” in the drop-down menu of our application.

To apply for in-person day campus enrollment (full- or part-time), select either “Freshman” or “Transfer” from the drop-down menu of our application. Freshman are any students with less than 12 college credits. Transfer students have earned more than 12 college credits. If you are a high school student, apply as “Dual Enrollment”. If you are not sure, contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

If you have any questions, please contact or 800.995.3159. We are here to help.

We are happy to work with those with dual high school credit or college or community college credit to ensure they receive maximum credit for previous coursework.

Please refer to the William Woods University Curriculum Catalog for complete program information and discuss your options with an adviser. Please note that ENG 099, MAT 098 & MAT 099 do not count towards degree requirements.

We’ve developed a curriculum that is compelling, practical, reflective of the needs of the marketplace today, and well positioned to prepare students for the future. It’s flexible and applicable to a wide range of career goals and life situations. The courses are interesting and relatable.

— Scott Zimmerman, Instructor of Leadership and Military Studies

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