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Faith Services

William Woods University was founded by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1870. Many years later, the school continues to recognize the importance of faith and service in giving direction and encouragement to the lives of our students.

The Office of Faith and Service provides programming aimed at the spiritual needs and interests of our students including regular chapel services, speakers, films, various small group discussions, and service opportunities. William Woods also has several active spiritual-based student organizations on campus. Additionally, students will find a number of local places of worship to choose from.

Woods Around the World

Education is a journey, and at William Woods University, we believe that the best journeys are fed by curiosity in the world around.

Woods Around the World (WATW) approaches learning through a new lens, taking students beyond the pages of their textbook to experience a county, its culture and its people first hand. Through cultural immersion and service learning, WATW exists to broaden students minds, awaken curiosity and prepare them to approach all future endeavors with a more holistic world view.

Project 123

Project 123 is a program of community service that engages William Woods students in volunteerism to support organizations that meet community needs. Started in 2013, the program has contributed over 8,200 hours of student volunteer work for the benefit of local agencies and communities. Students who apply and are accepted into the program earn a travel stipend to reduce the cost of their international trip with Woods Around the World. Students serve the world to see the world. For more information about this program, please contact Travis Tamerius at or 573-592-4241.

Thurmond Chapel

Thurmond Chapel is a Colonial Williamsburg-style building, constructed during the 1968-69 school year. It was granted to the William Woods campus as a gift by Sarah Thurmond Hermann, a 1935 graduate. Mrs. Hermann and her husband, Grover, donated the funds in memory of Mrs. Hermann's mother, the late Amelia Thurmond. This beautifully designed 100-seat chapel offers an intimate setting for worship services for the university and community. Two outstanding features of Thurmond Chapel are a Schlicker pipe organ, donated by the Parents' Association, and a digital Maas Rowe Carillon, made possible by a donation from the Grover Hermann foundation. A small prayer chapel adjoining the sanctuary was added on in 1969.