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Leadership Opportunities

Want to be a leader on campus? Take a look at the list below to see what type of a leader you can be!

Campus Standards Board (CSB)

Campus Standards Board operates as a committee of the Student Assembly and is composed of three to five students selected by the CSB. The Director of Residential Life or designee serves as an advisor and attends all meetings to provide input concerning procedural matters. The CSB hears violations of policies and standards of the university, as referred by the Dean of Student Life. The CSB may hear offenses including, but not limited to, alcohol violations, vandalism, and student conflicts. The CSB may impose sanctions designed to modify student behavior and to prevent further infractions. For more information, contact Kelcee Rosslan at

Campus Tutor

Help your peers find academic success by becoming a tutor on campus. Effective peer tutors display outstanding interpersonal skills, good listening skills, and concern for their fellow students. Peer tutors perform well academically, and have proven proficiency in the subject matter in which they provide assistance. Students may also be able to earn money while tutoring through work study. 

Community Advisor for a residence hall (CA)

Earn money while making a difference in the lives of your peers! Each hall is staffed with student personnel to assist with residential life concerns and community development. Community Advisors serve as liaisons between the university and student residents. CAs facilitate communication through various methods of floor and hall meetings, and provide stimulus for social and educational activities.

Dean’s Council

The Dean’s Council consists of a select group of Honors students chosen for their ability to represent and reflect the character of the Honors Program as a whole. While serving as the “face” of the Honors Program, these young men and women also provide feedback to the Dean regarding academic programs and experiences. In support of one of the major goals of the Program—to promote civic engagement and responsible leadership among its members—the Dean’s Council provides important lines of communication between students, faculty, and administrators.

Orientation Leader

An Orientation Leader is a student staff member who provides leadership in the William Woods University Learning Community. Mentors will be needed in the fall, during orientation, and through the beginning of the semester during the Connections class (a six-week program for new students). Each mentor will serve as a role model and help new students make the transition to college life. This is a paid position. For more information, contact Montrice O'Neal at

Peer Educator

Peer Educators are a group of students tasked with implementing programming on challenging issues such as healthy sexual relationships, emotional and physical health, and alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. Students serving as Peer Educators will receive extensive training, improve their communication and facilitation skills, and receive a semester stipend. For a full description of the position or additional information, please contact Jaron Vail at

Recruitment Counselor

Serving as a Recruitment Counselor or Pi Chi for recruitment promises to be a very rewarding experience. You have the opportunity to lead the Potential New Members (PNMs) through recruitment, and serve as a mentor, friend, and confidant. Recruitment Counselors are often the PNMs first contact with the Greek community, and Pi Chis will represent the Greek community during William Woods 101, Orientation, and Recruitment. This leadership position is for members of the sorority community who have attended at least one formal recruitment within their respective chapter. For more information, contact Montrice O'Neal at

University Ambassador (UA)

University Ambassadors are a select group of William Woods University students who give tours on campus. They are composed of many unique individuals who are diverse in their activities, majors, genders, and ethnicities. Their primary mission is to provide a favorable image of William Woods to its many publics: the community, prospective students, parents, high school and community personnel, alumni etc. University Ambassadors are coordinated through the Office of Admissions, where recruitment information can be found. For more information, contact Nicole Elliott at