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From the intricacies of the human body to the reasoning behind why we think and behave the way that we do, explore the wonder of science through multiple facets at William Woods University. Whether you are pursuing one of our many science degrees or you simply have a passion and a mind for science, the following student organizations were created for you.

Biology Club

The Biology Club will offer students countless opportunities to become more involved in the biological sciences. From educational opportunities to opportunities to serve the surrounding community of Fulton, Missouri — students involved in this club will get to experience fun and camaraderie amidst a community of like-minded peers who have a passion for biology and related activities. This organization can be beneficial to any student, but is an exceptionally good resource for those pursuing a degree in biology with a pre-veterinary concentration or pre-medicine concentration.

Pre-Health Professionals Club

To encourage and enable students who are interested in entering the medical field. This organization provides speakers and events centered around varying aspects of medicine.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The William Woods University Pre-Veterinary Club is an organization dedicated to the involvement and education of pre-vet majors and those with interests in the veterinary field. Our mission is to help prepare our pre-vet majors for the diverse experiences ahead of them, and to provide a fun atmosphere in which to get to know others with similar passions. The four main areas we devote our time to are continuing member education, volunteering, touring and visiting relevant locations and club bonding activities.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an organization focused on promoting awareness and understanding of psychological concepts. The club aims to host at least two LEAD events per month as well as one business meeting per month.

Learn about our various science-based honorary organizations and discover how you can get involved.