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Communication and Media

In so many areas of life, from personal to the professional, the world longs for effective communicators. Whether your passion lies in reading the words of literary greats or you write to become one yourself — whether you find joy in shooting and directing films or generating creative, well-designed websites, find the organization that suits you and pursue your passion here.

These organizations are great resources specifically for those pursuing their bachelors in communication, with concentrations in media journalism, public relations, digital filmmaking and leadership, as well as those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, bachelors in political/legal studies, bachelors in criminal justice, bachelors in English, or bachelors in art with a concentration in photography.

Reel Fanatics Film Club

The Reel Fanatics Film Club will offer interested viewers the opportunity to watch films from different genres, time periods, and countries of origin in a cinema-like setting. Our goal is to promote audience awareness and knowledge of film production and interpretation.

Writer's Ink

Writers Ink provides student writers community, support, and feedback on their creative writing by hosting monthly meetings where students share and discuss their work. Writers Ink also hosts outside writers who come and read to the university community as well as student reading and performance opportunities.

Learn about Communication and Media honorary organizations and discover how you can get involved.