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Graduate Student Experience

Collaboration, achievement and work/life balance.

One of the first lessons you learn as a Williams Woods University graduate student is that collaboration is strength. Our cohort-based class structure immerses you for an evening or two a week with the same group of like-minded professional learners: people who share your goals, experience and aspirations. And, because this group is your cohort, you will work and learn with the same people all the way through as you earn your degree.

As you meet with your team in a boardroom or classroom not far from where you live, you will work together to solve problems and meet challenges under the guidance of an experienced professional who has consulted or worked in the field, understands the local and regional business climate, and shares your passion for advancement and achievement.

With your cohort, you will work together to reach the next level in your career. What you learn in the evenings will apply to the work you do the next day. The flexible schedule will give you the family time you need. And the bonds you form with your cohort will remain strong long after you earn the degree.