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An independent voice in higher education, William Woods University distinguishes itself as a student-centered and professions-oriented university committed to the values of ethics, self-liberation, and lifelong education of students in the world community.

Graduate College is the academic and administrative unit of the University charged with responsibility for the administration of post-baccalaureate programs and undergraduate programs directed toward adult learners.



The primary goals of Graduate College are:

  • To provide respected, innovative and unique programs of study in a variety of formats;
  • To serve the community beyond the residential campus throughout the state of Missouri and beyond;
  • To create national and international links to the region;
  • To foster integration of theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • To provide the foundation for additional studies and higher degrees

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Graduate Catalog

This is the UNOFFICIAL Academic Catalog. This site is dynamic, subject to change and therefore may not always represent the offerings and curriculum of the latest or current academic year.

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