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Scholarships and Awards

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Scholarships for every student

William Woods is committed to ensuring every student has the opportunity to flourish. We offer scholarships for involvement, academic achievement, diversity and inclusion, honors, athletics, and more. We offer a range of scholarship opportunities and will work with you to find the one that fits for you. Our graduates go on to work at industry-leading companies, excel in graduate school, and become innovative entrepreneurs. A William Woods University education empowers those dreams.

Automatic Consideration Scholarships

Students are automatically considered for the following scholarships. Simply apply to William Woods and we will use your application to consider you for the following:

  • Academic Merit
    You worked hard for your grades in high school. We understand and reward your commitment. Your grades, as well as standardized tests if applicable, will be automatically reviewed for a merit scholarship offer. Awards vary based on your individual record of achievement and continue for your four years if eligibility requirements continue to be met. Application and high school/college transcripts required.2.5 GPA required for acceptance. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA during 4 years of eligibility
  • LEAD Award - $2,000 + free online summer general education course. 
    All incoming students are offered our innovative LEAD Award, regardless of financial need. LEAD promotes community involvement by rewarding students for participating in campus activities and encourages academic progression by offering one free online summer class each year. Read more about LEAD. Read more about LEAD.

  • Phi Theta Kappa - $19,000/year up to 4 years or completion of Bachelors degree
    In recognition of your hard work and achievement, the Phi Theta Kappa award is offered to all incoming students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa. Students must provide proof of membership either noted on a transcript or by letter from the PTK chapter sponsor. This is not in addition to your scholarship package, it us up to 19K/year for four years to make your total scholarship package at least 19k/year if your scholarship package is originally less than 19k/year.

Scholarships requiring an application

Your personal experiences and goals are why you belong at William Woods. We invite you to explore these additional scholarship opportunities:

  • Amy Shelton McNutt Scholarship – Full tuition, room, and board for up to four years
    One outstanding student from each incoming first-year class is selected for the Amy Shelton McNutt scholarship. Learn more about the Amy Shelton McNutt Scholarship.

  • Honors Program Member Award – $1,250/year for up to four years
    Students of high academic achievement can choose to purse the William Woods Honors program which includes a living-and-learning community, enriching activities, scholarship, and faculty interaction and mentoring. Note: there is a residential requirement for this award. This may be combined with select additional awards. Learn more about the Honors Program.

  • Project CLEAR Scholars Program  $12,000/year for up to four years
    William Woods University's Project CLEAR (Creating Leadership & Entrepreneurship Action and Response) Scholars Program, in conjunction with the Center for Leadership & Character, is designed to provide students with access to transformational educational opportunities through scholarship, programming, and experiences which will facilitate cultural, political, social and economic change in the local, state, and global arenas. This award is in addition to all other scholarship packages. Learn more and complete the Project CLEAR application.

Additional University Scholarships

  • Legacy - $1,000/year
    This award will be offered to any student who has a sibling attending WWU or an immediate relative (mother, father, grandparent, or step-) who graduated from WWU. The Legacy scholarship is in addition to any other athletic and academic scholarships. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to renew the scholarship. Note: the total scholarship award cannot exceed tuition. 

  • Hometown - $1,000/year*
    This award will be offered to any incoming student from Callaway, Boone, Audrain, Cole, Gasconade, Montgomery, and Osage counties with a GPA of 2.0 as a transfer or 2.5 as a first year student. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to renew the scholarship.

  • Opportunities - $1,000/year*
    This award will be offered to any incoming student with a 0 or less Student Aid Index (SAI) and a 2.5 GPA as a transfer/3.0 GPA as a first year student. To determine your SAI, you will need to complete the free application for federal student financial aid (FAFSA) at after October 1, 2023. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to renew the scholarship.

  • Event Scholarship - $500
    This one-time award is offered to any incoming students who attend any of our prospective student days. Students may only receive one Event Scholarship. Examples include Discovery Days, Equestrian Showcase,Trek to the Woods.

  • EQS Award - $1,500
    With our top tier Equestrian Program, we understand the hard work you have put into your equestrian career.  This award is tied directly to our equestrian majors who are intending to ride.  To retain the scholarship, you must maintain semester riding courses.
  • Band & Choir
    Both Band and Choir scholarships require a minimum of 32 measures of music that best showcase your ability. Not required to major/minor in music but will be required to enroll in MUS 101 and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

  • Media Corp Scholarship - $3,000 to $5,000
    Application must be turned in for approval. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA.Not required to major in communications but will be required to take COM231 and COM150. Students will be expected to commit 10 hours to Media Corp responsibilities per week. Media Corp Scholarship Application

*Scholarship cannot be stacked with an athletic scholarship.


Those interested in pursuing an Athletics at William Woods should complete the Prospective Athlete Form. Your Athletic scholarship and any additional scholarship or aid offers will be tailored to you.

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Our Student Financial Services team is here to ensure you have the resources and knowledge you need to invest in your future. We are experts in navigating need-based, merit-based, Pell Grants, work study, state programs and outside programs. We see the whole person and are committed to helping you achieve your dreams. Your admissions counselor can help you navigate your options.

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All scholarships detailed here are subject to change. Refer to your personal scholarship offer for your eligibility requirements. Last updated August 2022.