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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

Explore the science of understanding.

There is nothing more complex or more connected to the center of our being than the human mind. It is the storehouse of our precious memories, the center of our creativity and innovation, the artillery of our problem-solving weapons, and so much more.

Discover the intricate world of psychology and gain an understanding of the brain and the science behind why people behave the way that they do.

Through the William Woods University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program you will build a strong foundation of the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to flourish in any of the 53 areas of psychology, as well as the hundreds of career opportunities in the field. With individual attention from professors who are experts in their field, and the ability to target your degree to a specialized area of psychology through a second major or minor, the possibilities are endless.

Special opportunities

  • Gain hands on experience through enriching internships, such as working at the state hospital in Missouri, the police department in St. Louis, local diagnostic centers, and more
  • Facilitate events, such as after school programming for elementary school children, where you can share your knowledge of psychology with others
  • Join the William Woods' Psychology Club and use your love for psychology to help others while exploring one of the many areas you can use your degree
  • Conduct cutting-edge research alongside experts in the field of psychology
  • Have the unique experience of presenting your findings at local, regional and national conferences
  • Participate in monthly events and meeting with like-minded peers through the William Woods University Psychology club or join the international honor society for psychology, Psi Chi

Our Psychology degree at work 

Many students pursue a graduate degree in a specialized area of psychology, such as:

  • Counseling psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Sports psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • School psychology
  • And others

Students who pursue a career following their undergraduate degree have the opportunity to hold advisory, research-led, treatment-led or therapeutic roles in one of the following fields:

  • Public and private healthcare
  • Education
  • Mental health support
  • Therapy
  • Casework
  • Counseling
  • Sales, marketing and public relations
  • Top and mid-level management
  • Human resources
  • And many more

Employers of William Woods psychology graduates have included:

  • Missouri Foster care system
  • Therapeutic riding centers
  • The United States government
  • Major television networks
  • U.S. military
  • Colleges and universities
  • Private practice
  • And others

Alumni Perspectives

I absolutely love my job, and it was my internship at WWU that led me to the field of forensic psychology. My education at William Woods completely prepared me for my graduate education. I initially was nervous about how prepared I would be for the rigorous graduate program I chose, but I came to realize that I was better prepared than most other people in my classes.

— Jennifer Sydow, psychology graduate who earned a master's degree from University of Denver, now a psychology associate in the Virginia Department of Corrections

The psychology program at William Woods provides a foundation of knowledge that is a real asset in a professions-oriented workplace. As a result of my education, I have a greater understanding of the motivations and perspectives of those around me and have an enhanced ability to convey my perspective in such a way as to have it positively received. Regardless of what one ultimately chooses to do after graduation, a degree in psychology has applications to those choices.

— Michelle Stephens Kemp, psychology graduate, Faber & Brand Law Firm

My proudest moment is when students are able to take what they have learned in the classroom to make a difference in the world.

— Dr. Caroline Boyer, Assistant Professor of Psychology at William Woods University


The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation—including 27 core major credits, 12 required elective credits, a minor, and a year of foreign language.

Courses you may take

MAT 114

Elementary Statistics -M


PSY 101

General Psychology I -S


PSY 102

General Psychology II -S


PSY 225

Careers in Psychology


PSY 310

Social Psychology


PSY 313

Statistics for the Social Sciences


PSY 324

Cognitive Psychology


PSY 411

Abnormal Psychology


PSY 413

Advanced Research Project


PSY 450

Psychology Seminar


SWK 313

Research Methods



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