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Bachelor of Science (BS) in English Education

Give them the pen and paper to write their own story.

Do you remember that moment when a story first came alive to you? When the words on a page were more than just text — when the characters jumped off of the page and came to life, or when you were transported into the story yourself, and you joined them on their great adventure? Be that potential first-introduction to a new world of imagination, the first step in a love for reading, a witness to the discovery of a gift for writing. Be an English teacher.

William Woods University Bachelor of Science in English Education degree will prepare you to teach kids not only the art of expression and the various forms, but the skill and technique in grammar, research, and writing that lies behind it. The curriculum is broken into English and literature content knowledge and pedagogical skills, taught by faculty and mentors who have acquired years of experience and are ready to share what they’ve learned with you.

In conjunction with this degree you will take coursework to earn your Secondary Education Certification which is required to teach English courses at the middle school and high school levels.

Special opportunities

  • Gain hands on experience through participating in service learning activities such as tutoring, practical learning labs as well as two semester-long clinical experiences in local public schools and 14 weeks of student teaching
  • Join the international honor society in education, Kappa Delta Pi, where teachers and future teachers come together or join Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honors society
  • Work side-by-side with your professors and mentors who share your love for blending writing and literature with education, and who are ready to offer their personalized attention to your development as an educator
  • Craft your skill for developing creative content and engage in a community of writers through campus organizations like Writer’s Ink
  • Complete internships, capstone projects, grant writing exercises and research alongside expert faculty, gaining a well-rounded knowledge in the field of English
  • Prepare for graduate study in education, curriculum and instruction, administration and more

Our English Education degree at work

The English education program will thoroughly prepare you to teach English or language arts courses to grades 9-12, including subjects such as creative writing, American literature, world literature and more.

Recent Employers

Our students are highly sought after by distinguished employers across the country, including:

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Other employers of our recent alumni include:

  • Fulton Public Schools
  • Mexico Public Schools
  • and other districts across Missouri


The Bachelor of Science in English Education degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation — including 33 core major credits, 6 credits of required electives, as well as the additional 46 credit hours needed for Secondary Education Certification. A foreign language is not required.

Courses you may take

ENG 101 - English Composition I - C - 3.00

Students learn to summarize and critique the ideas, theories, and arguments found in college level academic and non-academic articles. Basic research skills and critical thinking skills are also components of the course. Furthermore, the student will recognize the ways in which plagiarism may be prevented through appropriate and accurate documentation of source material. Prerequisite: English ACT 19-27 or ENG 099

ENG 102 - English Composition II -C - 3.00

Students learn how to draft, revise, and edit multiple-source papers that have reflective analysis, sound argumentation, clear organization, well developed paragraphs, and correct sentences. Furthermore, students will recognize the ways in which plagiarism may be prevented through appropriate and accurate documentation of source material. Prerequisites: ENG101

ENG 218 - Introduction to Creative Writing -L - 3.00

Creative Writing is considered from aesthetic and structural perspectives: students read and discuss contemporary writing in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and/or drama; develop their expressive writing skills through writing assignments; discuss and evaluate concepts related to the aesthetic challenges writers face. Prerequisite - ENG101

ENG 226 - Young Adult Literature -L - 3.00

This course is an overview of young adult literature, defined as coming of age novels and literary expression. Young adult literature has, since the mid-1990’s, come of age as literature – literature that welcomes artistic innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking. It includes the themes of good and evil, problem-solving, self-expression and artistic expression. It is steeped in imagery and metaphor. Students will evaluate character, plot, stetting, and theme while paying particular attention to context and sub-text. The context of culture and society will be explored.

ENG 301 - Grammar and Syntax - 3.00

A study of modern English grammar, usage, and sentence structure. Students will identify grammar and syntax structures and apply those principles to their own and others' writing. Prerequisite - ENG102

ENG 319 - History of the English Language - 3.00

A study of the origins, changes and reasons for changes in the grammar, sounds and vocabulary of English from the beginnings of the language to modern times. Prerequisite - ENG102

ENG 412 - Compositn for Prospective Teachers - 3.00

This course combines frequent writing practice with discussions of rhetorical theories and strategies for teaching writing. Students will examine how linguistic and rhetorical theories apply to the teaching of writing and how teachers may evaluate student writing constructively. The course also provides information about professional resources and ways to design effective writing courses, assignments, and instructional materials. Several writing assignments give students firsthand experience with instructional techniques; a term project permits students to design a writing course, examine professional issues, or conduct original research. Prerequisite - ENG102

ENG 440 - Humanities Senior Seminar - 3.00

Students design and create capstone projects and portfolios for the undergraduate English major, in which the program core objectives are synthesized and applied. Prerequisites - ENG102 and Senior Standing


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