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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology Education

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology Education.

From the center of the universe to the galaxies above – awaken curiosity.

With a classroom full of students who have never dared to explore the "hows" and the "whys" of the world we live in—be the one who causes them to think bigger, to venture deeper, to get their hands dirty and, in that, their questions answered and their wonder expanded.

The William Woods University Bachelor of Science in Biology Education will prepare you to analyze the relationship between science, technology and society. To demonstrate scientific theories and knowledge of earth processes, properties of matter and forces of nature, classifications and functions of all living organisms, composition, characteristics and evolution of the universe — and so much more. Passing that knowledge along to the next generation, with the opportunity to watch as a student's world grows bigger and bigger before your eyes.

In addition to immersive knowledge in biological sciences, you will work alongside expert faculty with contagious passion, gaining hands-on, practical experience in laboratory and field settings that will allow you the opportunity to engage in content that you will one day teach to others.

In conjunction with the biology education degree you will take coursework to earn your Secondary Education Certification, which is required to teach biology courses at the middle school and high school levels.

Special opportunities

  • Learn from enthusiastic faculty, whose experience spans across a wide range of biological interests, and work alongside them in conducting research, publishing work, and presenting at conferences
  • Gain hands on experience by participating in service learning activities such as tutoring, practical learning labs as well as two semester-long clinical experiences in Missouri public schools and 14 weeks of student teaching
  • Join a group of like-minded individuals through the Biology Club or Beta Beta Beta, the honorary biology society, and learn more about the biological sciences through educationa l speakers, networking opportunities and community outreach projects
  • Take our Tropical Biology field course in Central America
  • Participate in the Genomics Education Partnership; a classroom based research experience
  • Prepare for graduate study in education, curriculum and instruction, administration and more

Our Biology Education degree at work

Currently there are nearly 25 counties across Missouri reporting a shortage in qualified, biology education teachers. The demand is great and the William Woods University Biology Education degree program prepares you to fill that need with excellence.

Our graduates have gone on to teach biology courses to grades 9-12 in Missouri schools throughout Fulton, Mexico, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kansas City as well as abroad.

Recent Employers

Our students are highly sought after by distinguished employers across the country, including:

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The Bachelor of Science in Biology Education degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation—including 32 core major credits, 8 credits of required electives, as well as the additional 46 credit hours needed for Secondary Education Certification.

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