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The Honors Program

Honors Program.

The next level of excellence

The William Woods University experience is one of a kind, with treasured experiences and countless opportunities to flourish. But what if you could take those experiences and opportunities to the next level?

The Honors Program at William Woods University allows students to do just that.

Through this program, we give students the opportunity to cultivate their intellectual gifts in a stimulating and supportive academic community. Members of the program are exposed to a rigorous and rewarding curriculum that fosters incisive, innovative thinking across a variety of subjects. Students will face stimulating intellectual challenges and develop the habits of mind necessary to navigate issues of difference and diversity in an increasingly complex world.

The Honors experience

To be successful in honors courses, students must be active learners ready to engage in the interchange of ideas among the students in the course and between the student and the professor. The courses are designed to provide an enriched learning experience where the coverage is more in-depth than non-honors courses. The program is committed to providing opportunities for students to employ creative and critical thinking as they serve the campus and greater communities.

The goals of the program are:

  • To support a learning community that is intellectually rigorous and culturally enriching
  • To challenge students to connect the classroom with the larger world by broadening their social and cultural experiences
  • To promote civic engagement and responsible leadership
  • To support students' efforts through resources and mentoring

Applying for Fall 2022

Look for more information about program advantages and the application process for fall 2022 to be released in the fall of 2021. If you have immediate questions, please contact your admissions conselor or the Office of Admissions at