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Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Management

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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program will broaden the education of associate of applied science and associate of science degree holders whose primary education is technical in nature. This program is designed to increase the managerial abilities of graduates who are skilled technicians wishing to move into supervisory roles.

Your associate degree may satisfy some of the general education requirements of a bachelor’s degree or it may apply to a portion of the major itself. Each student’s academic record is unique and is treated as such by the development of a personalized degree-completion plan. The program is designed to allow students to complete their bachelor’s degree within two years upon transfer into the program.

Students will take part in a challenging business curriculum that includes talent management, career development, non-profit management, negotiations and adaptive leadership. The classes are taught by experienced faculty, committed to supporting students every step of the way. During the program, students have the opportunity to collaborate with peers to share learned techniques and skills that apply directly to managing a diverse workforce.

Program Advantages

William Woods is frequently ranked among the nation’s top online learning programs. We combine rigorous coursework with a student-centered, serviceoriented educational environment, and our convenient, eight-week courses offer start-and-stop flexibility and affordable tuition.

Management Outcomes

  • Apply ethical reasoning to typical situations that occur in the workforce
  • Develop a leadership style by analyzing information and creating solutions for issues that occur in the workplace due to a diverse workforce
  • Develop human capital management capabilities
  • Evaluate the organizational and social needs of the 21st century workforce


Courses you may take:

  • BUS 210 Talent Management
  • BUS 215 Career Development
  • BUS 305 Management and Labor Relations
  • BUS 329 Managerial Ethics
  • BUS 351 Principles of Management
  • BUS 357 Non-profit Management
  • BUS 360 Negotiations
  • BUS 475 Human Resources Administration
  • BUS 498 Workforce Management Capstone
  • LDR 220 Adaptive Leadership

Admission Requirements

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts with a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • The Admissions Committee may review student qualifications and conditionally/provisionally accept students who do not meet the above requirements


  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts (2.5 GPA or higher) mailed from the college/university of which you graduated

Your digital classroom. Available anywhere.

William Woods online graduate education programs are available to students across the country. In Missouri, our students come from Fulton, Columbia, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Moberly, Springfield, Ozark, Cape Girardeau, Rolla and many more locations. Beyond Missouri, our online graduates hail from California, Illinois, Kansas, Washington, Arkansas and other states.

Our graduate education programs are available online and are ranked among the best online programs in Missouri by US News and World Report.

Admissions Information

Learn more about online admissions requirements, deadlines, tuition and financial aid available to you.