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Academic/Special Interest Organizations

William Woods University students have a wide variety of interests, from theater to movies to Web site development to art. These student organizations are intended to bring together students with similar interests. Find one that suits your interests or start your own!

Athletic Training Student Organization

The mission of the Athletic Training Student Organization is to involve its members in leadership, fellowship, and educational opportunities, to cultivate an interest in the profession of athletic training and promote education of healthy and safe participation in sports and physical activities.

Advisor: Steve Middleton

Biology Club

The Biology Club will offer students an outlet and opportunities to become more involved in the biological sciences, offer educational opportunities and provide service to the surrounding community, and provide fun and fellowship to students who enjoy biology and related activities.

Advisor: Robin Hirsch-Jacobson

William Woods Collegiate-DECA

The Founding Faculty Advisor is Mr. David Forster

Collegiate DECA is an international professional organization open to ALL students to increase valuable leadership development skills, networking skills, and essential professional skills for future careers. The organization focuses on topics such as marketing, management and entrepreneurship with the added excitement of both state and international competitions.

William Woods has a very active and successful Collegiate DECA team. William Woods' Collegiate DECA was founded in 2007 and has continued to be very successful each year by placing with top awards in many events at both state and international competitions. Please see advisor, Mr. David Forster, Burton 213, for further information.


  • To nurture competent, entrepreneurial, self-reliant, cooperative leadership in a variety of professional areas with specific emphasis in the areas of marketing, management, merchandising, and entrepreneurship.
  • To help students make informed career choices by providing opportunities to explore fields as diverse as advertising, wholesaling, fashion/apparel, design, food/food service, sales/sales management, retail management, human resource management, financial services, advertising/promotion, sports and entertainment, hospitality/travel/tourism, international marketing, business-to-business marketing and other management and marketing-oriented occupations.
  • To encourage business activity that demonstrates civic,social, and moral responsibility.
  • To recognize the importance of career education and to promote a willingness to use the training facilities provided by corporations to continually improve skills and knowledge in college and throughout life.
  • To increase understanding of and appreciation for the system of free enterprise.

First Impressions

The mission of First Impressions is to become the musical ambassadors of William Woods University. The goal is to promote excellence and support diversity by providing alternative musical opportunities to students. Students are encouraged to succeed by exploring the cultural experiences of dancing, singing, and acting.

Advisor: Michael Dodson

Hands Up!

Hands Up! is a club organized and run by the interpreting students in the Interpreting Department. More than being just a signing club, Hands Up! operates not only within the William Woods campus, but also within the deaf community in Fulton.

Hands Up! has two main focuses: one, to facilitate a positive, non-threatening environment where people can easily join, despite signing proficiency. And second, to increase interaction and involvement within the deaf community through direct interaction.

Advisor: Becky Davis


Jesters is a theatre organization dedicated to fostering students theatrical, artistic, and creative growth. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities for roles and responsibilities they might not get in the main stage productions and we encourage participation from students of all academic backgrounds.

Advisor: Joe Potter

Multicultural Affairs Club

Embracing and Celebrating Diversity

The primary goal of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to support students from every walk of life by:

  • Coordinating, implementing, and promoting all-inclusive cultural programming.
  • Fostering understanding and appreciation for racial, ethnic, gender, age, and other cultural differences.
  • Providing informative presentations, to encourage discussions on current cultural issues and events.
  • Scheduling relevant cultural film series.
  • Offering professional development workshops and training to faculty, staff, and students to increase cultural awareness.
"We must learn to live together as brothers, or we are going to perish together as fools."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Advisor: Cyndi Koonse

Visit the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Pre-Med Club

To provide William Woods University students an outlet to explore future schooling and career opportunities in any aspect/area of medicine (Medical School, Optometry,Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Biomedical Research, Bursing, Occupational Therapy, Dentistry, ect.

Advisor: Kimberly Keller

Pre-Veterinary Club

The William Woods University Pre-Veterinary Club is an organization dedicated to the involvement and education of pre-vet majors and those with interests in the veterinary field. Our mission is to help prepare our pre-vet majors for the diverse experiences ahead of them, and to provide a fun atmosphere in which to get to know others with similar passions. The four main areas we devote our time to are continuing member education, volunteering, touring and visiting relevant locations and club bonding activities.

Advisor: Kimberly Keller

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an organization focused on promoting awareness and understanding of psychological concepts. We try to host at least two LEAD events per month as well as one business meeting per month.

Advisor: Caroline Boyer Ferhat

Reel Fanatics Film Club

The Reel Fanatics Film Club will offer interested viewers the opportunity to watch films from different genres, time periods, and countries of origin in a cinema-like setting. Our goal is to promote audience awareness and knowledge of film production and interpretation.

Advisor: Greg Smith and Anthony Weed

Served Up Crispy

Served Up Crispy Improv Team seeks to provide students with entertainment and enjoyment through the art of improvisational comedy.

Advisor: Joe Potter

Students for Social Work

"Be The Change You Want To See In The World" ~Ghandi

Students for Social Work (SFS), is a club dedicated to helping others on the William Woods campus and in surrounding communities. The organization is comprised of Social Work majors, minors, and students from any academic area who are interested in addressing various social issues through education and direct service. Community direct service is realized through development and implementation of specific projects for local not-for-profit organizations such as the Coalition for Domestic Violence, SERVE, Foster Parent's Association, and others. Awareness and education is realized through sponsorship of LEAD events and sponsorship of projects in conjunction with national awareness campaigns.

Advisor: George Garner

Student Website Advancement Team

SWAT is a student-managed business. It is comprised of students who interview and are selected based on their GPA, work ethic, and skills. The organization works with real business clients to create, manage and revise websites. The students also help with the William Woods University department website. The SWAT room is equipped with a Usability Testing lab that
functions as a testing tool to analyze website navigation and make suggestions to clients for improvements. This is one of the few labs in the state of Missouri available in to undergraduate students.

SWAT Customer Evaluation Form

Advisor: Eric Brown

The Hoot Campus Magazine

This organization seeks to inform and entertain the campus by publishing a campus newpaper online and four issues per academic year of a news-feature magazine.

Visit the Hoot's Facebook Page

Advisors: Tiffany SmithMegan Tando

Thriving Artists Group (TAG)

The Thriving Artists Group exists to promote the arts in every way possible. We promote the arts by physically creating art, appreciating art, and supporting artists work. T.A.G. collaborates with other campus organizations and the community to expand on our mission.

Advisor: Jane Mudd

Writer's Ink

Writers Ink provides student writers; community, support, and feedback on their creative writing by hosting monthly meetings where students share and discuss their work. Writers Ink also hosts outside writers who come and read to the university community as well as student reading and performance opportunities.

Advisor: Matt Dube