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Residence Halls and Apartments

Residence Halls and Apartments

The William Woods University residence hall program is firmly committed to the philosophy that there is more to a university education than that which takes place in the classroom. We believe that a student's education consists of all these experiences, which occur in or around the university community.

To this end, we feel the residence hall program has an obligation to provide an environment in which the student may develop to their full potential. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of the individual and their need to be able to identify with the University as well as with other students.

William Woods University students have the possibility of living and learning in a wide variety of residence halls. Our halls offer comfortable physical facilities and an environment conducive to good study conditions. Each student has the opportunity to grow and find meaning through their friendships, explorations of ideas, their contributions to the hall charters, and involvement in the residence hall community. In essence, residence hall living is an experience in human relations.

This website is designed to help you become familiar with the residence hall program. We strongly encourage students to examine the entire Residential Life website for a comprehensive view of the residential facilities, and other important information needed to guide you through the process of making the transition to campus living.

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  • Stone-Campbell Memorial -The Stone-Campbell Memorial Hall Apartment facility is one of the newer additions to the William Woods' residential housing system. The two buildings house a total of 60-90 residents while also serving as the home of the Office of Faith and Service and Counseling and Health Services.
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