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Multicultural Opportunities

Embracing and celebrating diversity

We are a tight knit community of students, faculty and staff from over 35 states, dozens of countries and countless different backgrounds — all here to learn and grow together and to challenge our perceptions of the world.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Center for Ethics and Global studies and Woods Around the World, work together to infuse culture into campus life at William Woods. Through various activities and events they introduce students to new and exciting traditions and worldviews, as well as take students off campus, across the country and across oceans to learn and grow in the heart of a culture.

At William Woods University we know that to fully step into your element sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone. It means opening yourself up to the world around you and having a willingness to learn, to grow, and to see the world through a new lens. Try new, exotic foods, take your friends to see a foreign film on campus, practice traditional dances at a cultural festival on campus, and take the opportunity to expand your world.

Through resources and programming the Center for Ethics and Global Studies develops critical thinking students, preparing them to succeed in the ever-changing world around them.

William Woods University celebrates diversity, coordinating various events and programs throughout the year to give students the opportunity to see the world and learn about different cultures right here on campus.

Woods Around the World, William Woods’ study abroad program, takes students beyond the classroom and across the country or the globe to experience and have their eyes opened to the beauty and complexities of the world.