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Lead Award

Get involved. Be rewarded.

Attend sporting events, seminars, concerts, films, comedy shows, performances, art exhibits and more and receive up to $5,000 for doing so. The LEAD (Leading, Educating, Achieving, Developing) Award program is an annual tuition award granted to undergraduate students who commit to campus and community involvement, regardless of financial need.

Every time you attend a LEAD event on campus, you gain points towards your LEAD total.

Enriching student’s educational experience, encouraging active student participation and involvement in university life beyond the classroom, the LEAD Award Program has provided over $30 million in financial assistance to William Woods University students since the year 2000.

The LEAD Award is available to any new, full-time student admitted to William Woods University and offers an award of $5,000 for residential students and $2,500 for commuter students per year.


Like a lot of things, learning to lead takes practice. LEAD will supply you with the skills you need to succeed in any walk of life. Volunteer. Work a sign-up table. Do a training. Standing up in front of an audience — or standing up for what you love — brings poise and confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be leading by example.


You come to college to educate yourself — to prepare, not just for a profession, but a passion — a life of meaning. LEAD is designed to enhance this education — to open up opportunities you can’t find in any classroom. Explore new subjects. Hear amazing stories. Ignite conversations. Inspire originality. And learn to LEAD.


The victories you never imagined you’d win. The exploration of something brand new. That quiet confidence you will carry with you long after graduation. These are all things you will achieve through LEAD. You will find an advantage in the opportunity to get involved, to take charge, and to forge your way on the path to success.


Develop that thing that makes you, you. A 5K run. A blood drive. A rally for a cause. The opportunity to serve is a weekly occurrence, and the list of LEAD events dedicated to service – on campus, in our community of Fulton and across the world – is always growing. Grow your heart, and share what makes you come alive.

LEAD Requirements

The LEAD award is offered to any student who has been formally accepted to William Woods University. Those who accept the award choose to become a part of the LEAD Program and commit themselves to participating, over the course of the academic year, in activities designated as LEAD-eligible activities.

In order for a LEAD student to be eligible for the financial benefit of the LEAD Award each upcoming semester, the student will have had to fulfill their commitment to participate in a pre-determined number and type of LEAD activities during the previous semester.


I absolutely love the LEAD program. I think this is one of the hidden gems of William Woods. Overall I think the LEAD program brings us closer as a campus and helps keep people more involved on campus and learn from and respect each other more.

The Lead scholarship has allowed me to learn more in my college career than expected, learn about topics that I would not have been able to previously and make connections with students and teachers outside of my degree.

I was able to meet people on campus. I was a commuter for my entire campus career so LEAD was a great way to get involved with the school.

For more information, please call 1.800.995.3159; 573.592.4239 or email