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Professional Development Organizations

The places your William Woods University degree can take you and the amazing things your future can hold are endless. Preparation for your future starts in the classroom, but extends well beyond that knowledge. Below are several student organizations dedicated to shape strong leaders, provide networking opportunities, grow you in your profession of choice and prepare you for a future of success.

Athletic Training Student Organization

The mission of the Athletic Training Student Organization is to involve its members in leadership, fellowship, and educational opportunities, to cultivate an interest in the profession of athletic training and promote education of healthy and safe participation in sports and physical activities.

More Information regarding Athletic Training at William Woods

Contact: Erin Strickland
Advisor: Steve Middleton

Exercise Science Student Organization

The Exercise Science Student Organization (EXSSO) is dedicated to enriching an interest in and giving an outlet of expression to the profession of Exercise Science through educational opportunities and hands on experiences. The organization holds LEAD events and hosts health promotion activities throughout the year in order to raise awareness of exercise and nutrition on the William Woods University campus.

More Information regarding Exercise Science at William Woods

Contact: Jansen Smith
Advisor: Cindy Robb

Forensics Team

William Woods Forensics Team is a speech and debate team that competes in different individual speaking events as well as Parliamentary debate. They offer students from any major at William Woods University the opportunity to compete in intercollegiate speech/debate tournaments in Fulton, Missouri and across the Midwest.

Contact: Hope Gutierrez
Advisor: Anthony Cavaiani

Students for Social Work

Students for Social Work (SFS), is a club dedicated to helping others on the William Woods campus and in surrounding communities. The organization is comprised of Social Work majors, minors, and students from any academic area who are interested in addressing various social issues through education and direct service.

Community direct service is realized through development and implementation of specific projects for local not-for-profit organizations such as the Coalition for Domestic Violence in Jefferson City, SERVE in Fulton, Foster Parents Association, and others. Awareness and education is realized through sponsorship of LEAD events and sponsorship of projects in conjunction with national awareness campaigns.

More Information regarding Social Work at William Woods

Contact: Macy Wierschem
Advisor: Elizabeth Wilson

William Woods Collegiate-DECA

Collegiate DECA is an international professional organization open to ALL students to increase valuable leadership development skills, networking skills, and essential professional skills for future careers. The organization focuses on topics such as marketing, management and entrepreneurship with the added excitement of both state and international competitions. Though it can be beneficial to any major, Collegiate DECA is an exceptional resource to those pursuing a business degree.

William Woods University’s Collegiate DECA team, founded in 2007, has remained consistently active and successful throughout the years, placing with top awards in many state and international competitions.


  • To nurture competent, entrepreneurial, self-reliant, cooperative leadership in a variety of professional areas with specific emphasis in the areas of marketing, management, merchandising, and entrepreneurship.
  • To help students make informed career choices by providing opportunities to explore fields as diverse as advertising, wholesaling, fashion/apparel, design, food/food service, sales/sales management, retail management, human resource management, financial services, advertising/promotion, sports and entertainment, hospitality/travel/tourism, international marketing, business-to-business marketing and other management and marketing-oriented occupations.
  • To encourage business activity that demonstrates civic, social, and moral responsibility.
  • To recognize the importance of career education and to promote a willingness to use the training facilities provided by corporations to continually improve skills and knowledge in college and throughout life.
  • To increase understanding of and appreciation for the system of free enterprise.

Advisor: David Forster