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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life has been an important part of William Woods University since 1965, offering scholarships, leadership opportunities, community service, and lifelong friendships. From active involvement in every kind of student organization and athletic program on campus to serving the community and raising money for charities through philanthropic events, you will flourish in countless ways as a member of a William Woods’ Fraternity or Sorority.


Students involved in Greek life are often the most visible leaders on campus and some of the most enthusiastic supporters of university events. Fraternity and Sorority members gain experience in public speaking, decision-making, committee work, assumption of individual and group responsibilities, self-confidence, and so much more.

Social and Service Events

Formal events, costume/theme parties, cookouts, seminars, philanthropy events, Greek Week, picnics, socials, and various other events allow students to have fun while meeting new people, gaining new experiences and becoming more well rounded individuals.

Networking and professional experience

Fraternity men and sorority women are afforded networking opportunities through Greek Alumni for job assistance and advice, internships, exposure, and experience, and general direction through chapter activities during college.


Fraternity and sorority houses offer a "home away from home" — making the adjustment to college easier by providing much of the same comfort and support of a family environment. Members share experiences, successes, hopes and failures with one another and grow in community.


The All-Fraternity and Sorority GPA is traditionally higher than the All-Campus GPA. Chapters offer academic support and opportunities for growth through study programs and mentorships.

Additional Resources

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Sorority Chapters

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