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Environmental Organizations

With a lush 225-acre campus, nestled in the rolling green hills of Central Missouri and surrounded by nature’s wild beauty, you can bet that William Woods University and its students have a strong commitment to sustaining the environment and nature’s wonders. Because of that, we offer several clubs for students passionate about agriculture, recycling and serving the environment.

Conservation Club

The William Woods University Conservation Club is here to raise awareness about current conservation issues, encourage students to take action and promote community service. The purpose of this club is to allow our members to work alongside the community and build relationships with WWU faculty and staff.

Sustaining The Woods

Sustaining The Woods Logo

The Sustaining The Woods club is a group of students who are interested in preserving our environment by incorporating the three R’s – Recycle, Reduce, Reuse – into our everyday lives. We promote sustainability, eco-friendliness and recycling on the William Woods University campus and beyond. We do a lot more than just recycling: LEAD events, campus involvement, fun activities, and more. Need a resume builder? Join the club and apply for an officer position. Does your club or organization need community service or volunteer hours? We can help with that, too. Follow our Facebook page at and/or our Instagram page at @sustainingthewoods.