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Art and Theatre Organizations

Take your passion for the arts — musical, visual or performing — outside the walls of the classroom and get involved with one of William Woods University’s many student organizations that foster creativity and nurture talent.

First Impressions

The mission of First Impressions is to become the musical ambassadors of William Woods University. The goal is to promote excellence and support diversity by providing alternative musical opportunities to students. Students are encouraged to succeed by exploring the cultural experiences of dancing, singing, and acting.


Jesters is a theatre organization dedicated to fostering students theatrical, artistic, and creative growth. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities for roles and responsibilities they might not get in the main stage productions and we encourage participation from students of all academic backgrounds.

WWU Art Club

The WWU Art Club exists to promote the arts in every way possible — physically creating art, appreciating art, and supporting artists work. The WWU Art Club collaborates with other campus organizations and the community to expand on our mission.

Learn about arts and theatre honorary organizations and discover how to get involved.