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Arts and Theater

A place to create. A place to admire.

William Woods University is bursting at the seams with talented students from all walks of life — whether your art is expressed through a paintbrush, a block of clay, or a theatrical performance, we have the canvas, the gallery, the stage for you to proudly make yourself known as an artist.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or you are simply an art enthusiast, William Woods provides the tools and environment to foster and appreciate creativity. Visit the Mildred M. Cox Art Gallery to admire various student art exhibits open to the public and see your peer’s, your friend’s or your own masterpiece beaming on display.

Come share your love for the theatre right here on campus and any of four major productions put on each year, starring William Woods’ talented theatre students and directed by faculty and guest artists. Productions are held in Dulany and Cutlip Auditorium, our 300 and 1200 seat proscenium style theatre venues. And whether your place is in the audience soaking in the experience or up on stage in the spotlight, it will be a night you won’t forget.

This museum-quality gallery space features regular exhibitions staged by professional artists as well as student work throughout the year and is open to the public for viewing.

View a listing of our upcoming performances at William Woods University and enjoy an entertaining night out at the theatre to see the talent of students, faculty and guest artists flourish on stage.