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The Woods Magazine WINTer | 2013-14
Jahnae H. Barnett
Scott T. Gallagher
University Vice President
Dan Diedriech
Vice President for University Advancement
to get where I am today. It is time to
give something back.”
Giving in support of the Alumni
and Visitors Center allowed Susan
Russell ’48 to relive her years as a
young woman in an exciting new
environment. “I lived in a small
wooden building with 19 other girls,”
said Russell. “We became close friends
and stayed in touch for years after
we left school.”
The act of giving forges
relationships, teaches the importance
of investing in lives, and reminds us all
that we a part of one large and deeply
interconnected community. In the end,
it enriches our lives.
I invite you to read these and
other stories in this magazine that
demonstrate the power of giving
from the heart.
Pat O’Rourke, and so many others
who enhance the lives of our students
and community, believe in these words
by Robert Louis Stevenson, “You can
give without loving, but you can never
love without giving.”
Thank you to all who give from the
heart and make William Woods
University such a special place.
Jahnae H. Barnett, Ph.D.
Woods magazine is produced biannually
for alumni, parents, and friends of
William Woods University.
n my more than four decades on
the campus of William Woods
University, I have had the privilege
of becoming friends with so many
wonderful alumni. Pat O’Rourke is
one of my favorites. For more than
years, Pat has been a great friend
and loyal supporter of our campus.
Pat has donated to William Woods
for 28 consecutive years, giving her
a place of honor in our new Emerald
Society, which recognizes those who
have given a minimum of 10
consecutive years to WWU.
What really inspired me about Pat’s
story was when she said, “In the end,
it is not how much you give; it is that
you give from the heart.”
This is a reminder to me that those
who give benefit as much or more
than those who receive the gift.
Giving simply makes you realize
you are changing someone’s life and
helping them to love the life ahead.
That is why I am so excited about
our new student philanthropy
program: S.T.A.T. – Students
Today, Alumni Tomorrow. S.T.A.T.
members like Ben Struemph, a junior
from Jefferson City, Mo., and member
of President’s Twenty, not only support
the university financially, but learn the
value of a continuing partnership with
William Woods after they graduate.
WWU students are giving back in
other ways, too.Thanks to a grant for
SERVE, written by WWU students
Kadie Atterberry and Heather Rogers,
the quality of food received by
hundreds of mid-Missouri families
will be substantially improved.
It was great to be able to apply the
skills we had learned in class to assist
a much-needed organization in the
Fulton community,” Rogers said.
Atterberry added, “This is the
community that I have lived in my
entire life and I know what it is like
to need help. Everyone should have
access to the things they need to help
them get on their feet.That is what
this grant was about. So many
members of this community have
helped me and given me opportunities
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