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WINTer | 2013-14 The Woods Magazine
Internships are becoming an
important piece of the educational
package for college students, and this
last summer several William Woods
University students experienced
internships that could lead to
fulfilling careers.
Jenny Morris
a senior from
Overland Park, Kan., spent two
months living in a tent at a
summer camp in the Catskill
Mountains of New York State.The
psychology major (and social work
minor) worked at Ramapo for
Children, a camp in Rhinebeck, N.Y.,
for youngsters and teens with special
needs. She ran the Teen Leadership
program and worked with cognitively
impaired young men, 16 to 22.
Some of the campers had been
coming there for 11 years, and the
camp was the highlight of their year,”
she said. “The campers were all so
different, and some of the autistic ones
were non-verbal. I had never worked
with special needs children before and
felt I was out of my league at first, but I
was given the opportunity to learn.”
Morris graduates in December and
plans to attend graduate school to
study industrial organizational
psychology because she is interested
in leadership and motivation
and personalities.
Learning and laughing combine for great summer internships!
Compiled by Mary Ann Beahon from stories by Katie Carron ’15, Andrea Garcia ’15,
Haley Hinze ’14, Kelsi Lietzow ’15, Madison Mincone ’16, and Samantha Parsons ’14
Photos on adjacent page, left to right, top row: Allison Strickland, Katie Zimmer with country musician Scotty McCreery, and Ashley McCaffrey;
Middle row: Kyle Matthews and Katey Bilsky; Bottom row: Darian Lightfoot, Jenny Morris, and Beth Oseroff
photos by Meghan Greenwalt ’14, Randi Lauby ’17, and Katherine Gaines ’17)
Jenny Morris and a 17-year-old camper
do some gardening. (contributed photo)