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The Woods
Harbour Horses, LLC
Mary Kay Hasseman
Katherine Holderith
Lisa Holt
Charlie Janssen
Louise Jensen
Jonathan Kemper
Gayle Lampe '97
Ilona Leavitt
Tom and Doris Markland
Roy McDannold
Catherine McKinley ‘76
Walter McKerney
H. Curtis Meanor
Kay Merley
Garland and Sydney Middendorf
Jeffrey Miller
Patricia Mineer
Katrina Morris
Debra Mulberry
Norma Munter
Musco Lighting
Sheila P. Orr and
James W. Orr, Jr.
Tandy Patrick
Pea Ridge Forest
Rachel Physioc
Rancho DelRio
Steve and Susan Raybourn
Mike Rood
Sarah Rubenstein
Carole Schueler
Karen Smith
Cyrus Smythe
William J. and Christine Spradley
William Stabler
Stephens College
Becky Bean Stinson '72
Tracy Swearingen
Geoff Teall
Bruce Thomas
Edward Thordsen
Trees, Forests and Landscapes
Joanne Weiner
William Weiser
Susan Wells
Helen Wilson
Wolfe Auction Services LLC
In Honor
In Honor of Virginia Reed ‘30
Carolee Dreier Atha ‘43
Jerry Koontz Ballard ‘57
Sondra Petering Brown ‘57
Martha Hutchins Cockerell ‘73
Renee Donoho
Leslie Alexander Foiles ‘82
Vivian Graf Forbes ‘57
Melissa Green ‘75
Dorothy Fenn Hamilton ‘49
Lesley and Peter Holt
Beverly Besack Johnson ‘57
Leigh Ann Hailey Kieffer ‘72
Kimberly Ballard Mawhiney ‘82
Corinne McCanse ‘92
Elizabeth Farmer Myers ‘43
Jane Cutting Panknin ‘75
Lexie Swanson Pappas ‘84
Patsy Pierce ‘48
Stephanie Pilkington ‘90
Rebecca Rowland Reynolds ‘80
Sheila Wieder Richards ‘50
Deborah Barenkamp
Roberson ‘74
Mary Jane Chalkley
Schott-Truog ‘30
Janet Brown Stevenson ‘74
Becky Bean Stinson ‘72
Suzanne Swyden ‘77
Ruby Fogleman Webb ‘35
In Honor of Dr. Randall B. Cutlip
Sharon Dwyer Duble ‘62
In Honor of
Jane Bierdeman-Fike
William W. Siler
In Memory of
Donna Tschappat Benner '56
Richard W. Benner
In Memory of Mary Rode Hill ‘50
Dr. Goni Michaeloff ‘50
In Memory of Geraldine and
Delbert Harper
Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett
In Memory of
Debra Mouser Hackmann '76
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mouser
Terra Mouser
In Memory of
Jane Lull Sweeney '83
Charles L. Sweeney
In Memory of
Ann Gardiner Dimock '47
Stanley Dimock
In Memory of
Margery Loucks Masters '29
Roy L. and Marcia L. Powers
In Memory of Jimmy Hardin
Shelbyville Tourist Commission
In Memory of
Charlene Scanland Evert ’54
Jennifer Rusk
In Memory of Virginia Cutlip
Laurie Swenson McMillin ‘80
In Memory of
Eleanor Grove Rinne ‘44
Dr. Ralph Rinne
In Memory of
Mary Shepard Terry ‘59
Sylvia Evett ‘59
In Memory of
Dr. John M. Bartholomy
Andy Bartholomy
Mary Jo Bartholomy
In Memory of
Anna L. Schweer ‘21
Barbara Blackburn Danuser ‘75
Peggy R. McGrew ’99 ‘01
In Memory of
J. Gayle Egelhoff Seaton ‘54
Shirley Bishop Keller ‘54
Connie Miller King ‘54
In Memory of
Jane Pasley Cline ‘42
Jennie Cline Lamb ‘71
In Memory of
Martha Oliver McDonald ‘32
Bonnie Shiverdecker
In Memory of
Jacqueline Lambert Knox
Melissa Knox Wulff ‘77
In Memory of Ralph Galbreath
Cedar Creek Elementary
Lawanda Rogers
In Memory of Betty A. Johnson
Alan and Barbara George
In Memory of Marie Ryan Oberg
Elizabeth J. Carlson
Laurie Czworniak
Eleanor J. Davison
Louise Koontz
Nancy Koontz
Audrey Moak
John and Eileen Nordstrom
Darlene Ryan Sechler ‘53
Lillian Semeniuk
Lillian Wertheim
In Memory of
Barbara J. Carroll Jones
Dr. Charles T. Jones, Jr.
In Memory of
Patricia Comstock Kalan ‘54
Connie Miller King ‘54
In Memory of Robin Hicks ‘81
Ida Hicks
In Memory of Monty Wallen
Linda Wallen
Richard and Marilyn Wallen
In Memory of
Jean Waddell Harris ‘51
Helene Welscher Sullivan ‘51
In Memory of
Mary Ann Kritzer Williams ‘48
Barry and Amanda Bloom
Fulton High School Class of 1945
Vicki Jaynes
Alleen Kritzer
Diana Kritzer
Donald and Linda Kritzer
Peggy S. Payne
In Memory of
Sally Barrick Sweenie ‘46
Elinor Reed Davis ‘46
In Memory of
Susan Smith McFarland ‘81
Christine Young Witmer ‘73
In Memory of Nina Brown
Becky Bean Stinson ‘72
In Memory of Warren Head
Claire Burghardt Hodge ’66
and Ernest Hodge
Peggy R. McGrew ’99 ‘01
Becky Bean Stinson ‘72
In Memory of
Patricia ‘PJ’ McGinnis ‘73
Dr. and Mrs. James McGinnis
(Lyla McGinnis ’71)
In Memory of
Jessica L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Bickel
and Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bozwell
Colby and Connie Braye
James and Diana Bright
Jonathan Burke
Robert and Patricia Byrne
Jimmy Clay
Barbara Blackburn Danuser '75
Cyndi DeLuca and Mikel
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Faerber
Fernie’s Attic
Jill Hatch
Martin and Ann Elise Hogan
Barry and Marie Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Jenkins and Ben
Gene and Henrietta Johnson
Jared Johnson
Vicki Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Laiderman
and Family
Jill Lich
Mark and K. A. Lyons
Mary Massman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McClanahan
and Family
Pat McClanahan
Mr. and Mrs. David Mosley
James and Jane Normile
Mary E. Orf
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Paluch Family
Kane and Meera Rajaratnam
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ranciglio
and Family
Cynthia Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schroeder
and Family
Merrill Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sievers
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Smith
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Timpone
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Vitale
and Maggie
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Visintine
David Waggoner
Bonnie Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Westercamp
Gary Zellers
Janet Zellers
In Memory of Charlotte
Hamilton - ASL/ITP Lab Project
Carolyn Ball
M. Thomas Bander, Jr.
Callaway Alumni Association