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The Woods
Woods Society
$15,000 or More
Jane Bierdeman-Fike
William H. Blake Trust
Church Finance Council, Inc.
Robert Glover*
Charles W. Kuergeleis*
Missouri Colleges Fund, Inc.
Dr. Claudine Barrett O'Connor '43
and Thomas O'Connor
Robert Pasley* and Dorothy
(Rentschler '36) Pasley*
John Veitch* and Marilyn
(Miller '48) Veitch*
Bernard W. Weitzman
Society of
$10,000 to $14,999
Amable C. Aguiluz, IX
AMA Education Corporation
Dr. Randall B. Cutlip
Irene Kemp Kent '45
Amy Shelton McNutt
Charitable Trust
Sam and Victoria Reed
Reed Family Foundation
Mortar Board
$5,000 to $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Dana K. Anderson
(Nancy Sue Falley '61)
Carolee Dreier Atha '43
Jill Greer Baue '55*
The Callaway Bank
John H. and Debra A. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Tod Floyd
(Sudee Miller ’83)
Fulton Colleges Board
of Associates
Nancy Wingate Garnett '60
Ida Hicks
Hospitality Services
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kenworthy
(Lynn Gipson '70)
Martha Mares Lebo '59
M-G-M Supply Company
National Christian Foundation
Virginia Millener Paul '61
Laura Hill Steinbeck '85
Charles L. Sweeney
We appreciate the loyal
alumni and friends whose
fnancial contributions to
the university exemplify
commitment to making
William Woods University
all it can be for our
This honor roll recognizes
gifts received between
July 1, 2008, and
June 30, 2009.
University Honors
$2,500 to $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anwander
(Mildred Burnham ’44)
Cyndi Butler
Council On Social Work
Karla Williams DeSpain '79
Cale Fessler '03 and Jamie
Cox Fessler '04
Drs. Robert and Paula Fessler
General Electric Foundation
Kansas City Alumni Club
Oreon E. Scott Foundation
Ovid Bell Press, Inc.
Prudential Insurance
Deborah Weedman '77
Ben and Diane Wells
Ann Irwin Whaley '56
$1,000 to $2,499
Jahnae and Eddie Barnett
Andy Bartholomy
Mary Jo Bartholomy
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Bell
Mark Billion '03
Tammy Buschman Boehm '76
Judith Horton Chapman '60
Christensen Construction
The Coons Foundation
Christine Lich Daniels '76
Ellen Dunlevy Dawson '76
Amy LaRue Dittmer '97
Karen Coons Dixson '01
Vivian Graf Forbes '57
Ronda Fults '87
Scott T. Gallagher
Gina McConathy Garrett '95
Helen Geldbach '69
Greater Kansas City Community
Foundation and Affliated Trust
Dr. Victoria Gunn '71
Deborah Bunn Hutchison '74
Charles and Jo James
Hilda Pat Jones
Amy Koch '01
Kuehn Foundation Fund
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dale LaRue
(Gwynne Hobbs '70)
Linda Ambrose Loose '59
Dr. Sherry McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. James P. McGinnis
(Lyla McGinnis '71)
D. Scott Miniea
Missouri Campus Compact
Venita Mitchell
Barbara Morriss
Col. Roni Jones Peppe '79
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Powell III
(Wendy Jarman '71)
Mary Molluzzo Rigdon '72
Dr. Ralph Rinne
Janet Watson Rohman '72
Katherine Amidon
Rosenkrans '58*
Susan Linnemeyer Russell '48
Robert K. Ruxer
Judith Kuergeleis Schmuck '72
Darlene Ryan Sechler '53
Diane Jones Seif '74
Janet Brown Stevenson '74
Nancy Waller Thomas '67
Tamara Gibbs Turner '86
Linda J. Wallen
Richard and Marilyn Wallen
Ruby Fogleman Webb '35
Deborah Grisham Wehrman '73
Daniel Westhues '96
Sally Jones Wilson '50
Larry York
Dean’s List
$500 to $999
Melissa Althauser '04 '06
Backer's Potato Chip Company
John J. and Marilee A. Barry
Susan Stotler Bartosch '73
Callaway Alumni Association
Circuit City Foundation
Kelley Clark '94
Angela Cooper '04
Judy Herbert Ezard '61
Angeline Schwab Grow '27*
Judge and Mrs. Gene Hamilton
(Marcia Flippen '67)
Erin Hansman
Mr. and Mrs. John Harris
(Mary Stahr '46)
Marshall and Virginia Hughes
Lisa Worofka Jarmoszka '89
Dr. Charles T. Jones, Jr.
Kristin Koppen '75
Allyson White Lewis '82
Susan Werbach Lowry '91
Faye Zenk Mallory '61
Sharon and Gary Mather
Dr. Goni Michaeloff '50
Emma Barrow Pierce '45
Marcia Masters Powers
Katie Nowinski Reed '59
Wendy Roberts '74
Sallie Mae Fund- Employee
Contributions Program
Larry Solow and Sharon
Neumann Solow Family
Richard Starr ’01 and Allison Starr
Stotler Family Charitable Trust
WJB Electric LLC
Melissa Knox Wulff '77