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Summer 2008
Donna Savary
Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck '72
Ann Scussell
Laurel Servin
Justin Shy '02
Nina Simmons
June Smith
Anne Stafford
Grace Steere
Steve and Associates, Inc.
Janet Brown Stevenson '74
Becky Bean Stinson '72
Michael Sweeney
Jane Thomas
Denise Thordson
Rita Todd
Truescape Landscaping
Mary Gayle Tuggle
Tamara Gibbs Turner '86
Shirley Upham
Leslie Krieger Verslues '86
Jennifer Beggs Vescovo '86
Lisa vonGontard
Laura Vunovich
Lisa Waller
Bonnie Ward
Deborah Weedman '77
Gretchen Weiss
Nancy Howell West '60
Abigail Wexner
Wheeler Stables
Joyce Wickell
Melissa Willard
Linda Willenburg
WWU Alumni Association
WWU Alumni Offce
WWU Baseball Team
WWU Women's Basketball Team
ZFE Saddlebreds
In Honor
In Honor of Dario & Madeline Covi
Ken and Deborah Gross
Mary Lu Hogan
Jackie Horn
Kevin McGartland
In Honor of Susan Howard '73
Kyle and Vicki Smith
In Memory of Donna
Tschappat Benner '56
Richard Benner
In Memory of Linda Pratt Luke '69
Helen Geldbach '69
In Memory of Margery Loucks
Masters '29
Roy L. and Marcia L. Powers
In Memory of Dr. John M. Bartho-
Lezlee Bartholomy
Mary Jo Bartholomy
Brenda Sullivan Foster '75
In Memory of Jean Ellen Feather-
The Featherston Foundation, Inc.
Sophia Eubank Featherston '28*
In Memory of Graham W. McMillian
Mr. and Mrs. Alan George
(Barbara Eldridge '66)
In Memory of June Watling
M. Kathleen Dabrowski '74
In Memory of Henry Buschman
M. Kathleen Dabrowski '74
In Memory of Nancy Bidwell Barcus
Dr. James E. Barcus
In Memory of Dr. Joseph and
Mrs. Marie Garvin
Dr. James E. Barcus
In Memory of Pauline Klayer
Tallman '45
Eileen Behana-Moore
Elizabeth Blume
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bruns
David and Donna Carpenter
Dorothy Essig
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoppe
Sinie La Cour
Jason Lenz
Betty Maxwell
Peggy R. McGrew '99 '01
Orlie Musterman
Colonel William and
Hellwig Nations
Nestle Purina Pet Care co-workers
Ronald and Barbara Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rathert
William W. Siler
James and Gretchen Tatum
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wagstaff
Cindy Wynne
In Memory of Mary Margaret
Sampson Bloom '29
Ron Calvin
M. Sue Link Cobble '51
Jean Harrison Dawson '64
Shirley Drinkard
Vicki and David Jaynes
Susan Krumm
Kakie Holt Love '52 and Ed May-
Mary Green Noel '61
Sally Williams
In Memory of Arthur C. Haack
Jeanne Haack*
In Memory of Jeanne Haack
Charles Kuergeleis*
Nancy Haack Lillenberg '78
Peggy R. McGrew '99 '01
Becky Bean Stinson '72
In Memory of John Richard Dubinski
Joan Bramsch
In Memory of Sarah Black Ritter '01
Becky Bean Stinson '72
In Memory of Virginia Cutlip
Marjorie Barrett Carroll '46
Joan Firley
Dr. Walden and Mrs. Carolyn
Peggy R. McGrew '99 '01
Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck '72
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stinson
(Becky Bean '72)
In Memory of Martha Sobbe
Heideman '37
Heideman Family Trust
In Memory of Eleanor Grove
Rinne '44
Ralph Rinne
In Memory of Kay Foster
Neukomm '35
Elaine Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dawson
(Jean Harrison '64)
Freiburg Ins. Agency – Mark
and Kim Freiburg
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hall
(Ann Earp '43)
Mid-Missouri Property
Management, LLC
Pat Murphy O'Rourke '52
Phyllis Schoening
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stinson
(Becky Bean '72)
In Memory of Nancy Hill Peckham
Charlotte Severson Oliver '51
Katharine Severson '51
In Memory of Mary Drake
Franco '66
John Franco
In Memory of Holly Hurtt Vokes '60
HilahJane Rex Hawkins '60
In Memory of Rosabel Lukens
Williams '37
Patricia Williams Copeland '60
In Memory of Nancy E.
Rodenberg '93
Glenn and Audrey Rodenberg
In Memory of Charles W. Kuergeleis
Dennis and Karen Ahal
Alpha Chi Omega – Alpha
Nu Chapter
Alpha Chi Omega and The
Rosemary, Bill and Mattia Avery
Jahnae and Eddie Barnett
Mary Ann Beahon
The Charles Birk Family
C. G. and Anne Brown
Mary Linn Coldiron '72
Dr. Randall B. Cutlip
Christine Lich Daniels '76
Barbara Blackburn Danuser '75
Julie Davis
Joan Firley
Dr. and Mrs. George Forsythe
Brenda Sullivan Foster '75
Carol Myers Frank '71
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Frank
(Sally Wharton '74)
Harold and Phyllis Freiberger
Scott T. Gallagher
Joseph and Karen Garbacz
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Golfn
(Carolyn Schmidt '62)
Henry and Florence Greifzu
Forrest and Adele Hawkins
M. Cheryl Hall-Patterson '69
Jeffrey and Louise Levine and
Nancy Haack Lillenberg '78
Dr. Sherry McCarthy
Peggy R. McGrew '99 '01
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Earl O'Rourke
(Pat Murphy '52)
Mary Molluzzo Rigdon '72
Keith Schuman
Daria St. Ivany Stranghoener '74
Roger and Vicki Taake
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Thibodaux
(Edith Ahal '84)
Dennis and Janet Trost
P. M. and K. L. Vinyard
Deborah Grisham Wehrman '73
Bernard W. Weitzman
John L. Wise
In Memory of Astra A. Simmons '09
Allison Gibson Bornhauser '04 '08
Ciera Bratton
Jimmy Clay
Kristen David
Cassie Davis
Diane Drilling
Eric Dunn
Kate Thompson Engemann '02 '06
Lydia Gaboury
Jenna Griffth
Kara Haithcoat
Michael Kosher
Mary Loveday
Krista Ludden
Buddy Staats '05
Amanda Stock
Jessica Tipton
Kate Woodard
In Memory of Carole Sweeney
Bultmann '75
Mary Haughawout Bumpus '75
Barbara Blackburn Danuser '75
Sally Campbell Dinwiddie '75
Joan Firley
Melissa Green '75
Cynthia Campbell Moore '77
Charlotte Bachar Moro '75
Cynthia Coffman Morris '75
Deborah Grisham Wehrman '73
In Memory of Debra Mouser
Hackmann '76
Wendy Cullifer Harrington '95
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mouser
In Memory of Jane Lull Sweeney '83
Charles L. Sweeney
In Memory of Ann Gardiner
Dimock '47