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Marta (Wehmeyer) Stoneking
, M.Ed., Urich, Mo.,
teaches frst grade at Sherwood Elementary in
Clinton, Mo. She was selected Teacher of the
Month for May 2008.
Michelle Slizewski Hodge
’96, Columbia, Mo.,
and husband, Bud, welcomed their son, Brewer,
on Aug. 28, 2008. Brewer joins sister, Hayden,
and brother, Brady.
Nicole (Landolfo) Bass
’99, Argyle, Texas, and
husband, Devon, are the proud parents of a
son, Austin Ryan. Austin was born April 9, 2008.
Jessica (Snyder) Green
’99, Hamilton, Mo., and
husband, Kelly, had a daughter, Danica Dorcas,
June 5, 2008. Jessica is the fourth generation to
work in her family-owned fnancial institution.
Mary (Roberts) Loomis
’00, Fort Worth, Texas,
and husband, Matthew, are the parents of a
daughter, Sophia Jane, born July 22, 2008.
Sarah (Maxwell) Chame Martinez
’02, Baltimore,
Md., and husband, Leonardo, are the parents
of a son, Nolberto Miguel, born Feb. 25, 2008.
Sarah teaches Spanish at Woodlawn High School.
Kimberly (Peters) O’Connor
’02, Sneads Ferry,
N.C., and husband, Daniel, welcomed a son,
Kellan Micheal, July 12, 2008.
Anna Lee Schweer
’21, Jefferson City, Mo.,
passed away Aug. 27, 2008, at the age of
108. For 37 years she taught social studies at
Simonsen Junior High School. Anna was a
prominent member of the First Christian Church
Ester Circle, P.E.O., Cole Country Historical
Society and the National Retired Teachers
Alice (Metcalf) Bentley
’28, Claremont,
Calif., passed away March 5, 2003. She was
a homemaker and member of the Women’s
Guild, P.E.O., Foothill Philharmonic Committee
and charter member of the Claremont
Symphony Orchestra.
Mildred L. (Simpson) Jenkins
’29, Belton, Mo.,
died July 31, 2008 at the age of 98. She is
survived by her son, four grandchildren and
nine great-grandchildren.
Dorothy (Duncan) Albers
’31, Grandview,
Mo., passed away May 22, 2008. She taught
elementary and junior high students and retired
in 1978 as librarian for Grandview Schools.
Ella (McMillan) Peterson
’33, Grand Junction,
Colo., passed away June 9, 2008. She was the
frst female Michigan state party chairman and
major party candidate for the U.S. Senate. Ella
was the frst woman to address the Republican
National Convention, serve as the co-chair
of the national convention and serve as
deputy campaign chairman for a presidential
Mary Bell (Barnes) Stone
’34, McDonald County,
Mo., died Aug. 19, 2008. She had served as
the McDonald County Director of Welfare in
Pineville, Mo., before she and her husband
opened Barnes-Stone Chevrolet Co. She
enjoyed needlepoint and playing bridge.
Priscilla (Armbruster) Hoel
’40, Lake Forest, Calif.,
passed away July 26, 2008. She was an avid
Saddleback historian, a teacher and founder
of Los Amigos de las Colinas dedicated to
the preservation of historic buildings. Pricilla is
survived by a sister,
Joan (Armbruster) Faila
Clayton, Mo. and preceded in death by sisters
Elizabeth (Armbruster) Johns
’43 and
(Armbruster) Hafer
Lois (Hunter) Mayr
’41, Lawrenceville, Ill., passed
away June 28, 2008. She was a city council
member and a member and lay leader of First
Presbyterian Church. Lois is survived by her
husband, Hugh; son, Bill, and daughter, Dorothy.
Jane (Pasley) Cline
’42, St. Joseph, Mo., died
June 2, 2008. She was active in her community
and was a member of Wyatt Park Christian
Church, Welcome Wagon and P.E.O. Jane is
survived by son, John, and daughter, Sue.
Dorothy “Dee” (Harrington) Sivright
’44, Clinton,
Iowa, passed away April 23, 2008. She was an
accomplished bridge player and patron of the
Kansas City Symphony. Dee is survived by two
sons, David and Peter Sivright.
Janet (Brooke) Link
’47, Yankton S.D., passed
away Sept. 1, 2008, as notifed by her
granddaughter, Anne Terechinski. Janet was
preceded in death by her sister, Judith (Brooke)
McLaughlin ’44.
Carol Patricia (Herter) Miller
’47, Chapel Hill, NC.,
passed Sept. 25, 2008. Her interests included
music, ballet, languages, travel and literature.
Carol is survived by three children and four
Nanette (Benner) Wilson
’49, Hastings, Neb.,
died at home Aug. 18, 2008. She worked as
a mortgage company offce manager and
loan offcer and health care customer service
representative. Nanette is survived by one
daughter, six grandchildren, and nine great-
Barbara Lee (Stephens) Thoma
’49, Arkansas
City, Kan., passed away April 16, 2008. Barbara
was a homemaker and a member of the Trinity
Episcopal Church and the Wednesday Bridge
Club. She is survived by her husband, Charles,
two daughters and a son.
Marjorie “Marge” (Zeglin) Towers
’52, Oak Brook,
Ill., passed away June 25, 2008. She taught and
traveled extensively with her husband, Jack,
who survives a home.
Cynthia L. (Mynatt) Callis
’54, Sedalia, Mo.,
passed away July 5, 2008. She and her husband,
James, owned and operated CW Flower
Company. She was a member of the Broadway
Presbyterian Church for almost 50 years and
is survived by her husband, two sons and six
J. Gayle (Eglehoff) Seaton
’54, Scenery Hill, Pa.,
died June 24, 2008 as notifed by her college
Shirley (Bishop) Keller
’54, Columbia,
Mo. Gayle taught at Carnegie Mellon University
and was active in efforts to preserve and restore
Pittsburgh’s ethnic churches. She is survived
by three daughters and sister-in-law,
(Finkeldey) Egelhoff
Holly (Hurtt) Vokes
’60, Harbor Springs, Mich.,
passed away Sept. 5, 2007. She taught at the
University of Liggett, worked as a social worker
of the Catholic Diocese and served as an
elementary school principal before retiring. Holly
is survived by husband, Richard, six children and
many grandchildren.
Diane (Meinhardt) Bulgin
’64, Columbia, Mo.,
passed away Aug. 11, 2008. She worked
at Boone Hospital and enjoyed knitting,
crocheting and working with stained glass.
Diane is survived by her son, Trevor, and her
daughter, Malinda.
Dawn Havilynn Pasternack
‘81, Houston, Texas,
passed away Dec. 6, 2007. Born in California,
she grew up in America, England and Greece.
Dawn was a paralegal in Houston.
Michelle Kathleyn Gill
’84, Jefferson City, Mo.,
passed away Aug. 30, 2008. Graduating with
a degree in interior design, she worked as a
designer for 23 years. Michelle was a member
the Wesley United Methodist Church. She
enjoyed shopping and attending Jefferson City
High School Jays football games. She is survived
by her husband, Donald, her daughter, Callie
and son, Tanner.
JoEllen Hicks
, M.Ed. ’98, Linn, Mo., died July 19,
2008. She taught special education, served as
director of special services in Osage County
and was the Linn Junior/Senior High School
principal at the time of her death. JoEllen is
survived by her husband, Kevin, and
son, Brian.
Gerald Lee Hocker
, M.Ed ’98, Ashland, Mo.,
passed away on Aug. 15, 2008. He was
superintendent of schools at Crest Ridge in
Centerview, a member of the Missouri State
Teachers Association and the Ashland Baptist
Church. He is survived by his son, Matthew.
Lucille Reeves
, Kansas City, Mo., passed away
in May 2008, at the age of 98. After retiring
from teaching in 1974, she became the house
mother for Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at William
Woods for several years.
Robert “Bob” Whitlock
, 61, died July 20, 2008.
He was an Air Force Veteran, served on the
Governor’s Advisory Council of Aging, the Heart
Disease and Stroke Advisory Board, and was
an adjacent faculty member for William Woods
University. He is survived by his wife, two children
and two grandchildren.