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Summer 2008
American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting
students at William Woods University are leaving
the classroom for an education that goes
beyond lectures and textbooks.
Melanie McKay-Cody, a Deaf ASL instructor, is
taking her students into the community through
hands-on feld trips designed to help students
better understand and retain the ASL material.
The students visited Tractor Supply Store to learn
signs for agricultural tools and farming and
Wal-Mart to learn signs for food. They also planned
to attend sporting events, and visit an arts and
crafts store and the drivers’ license bureau.
“These feld trips give us a new setting and subject
to explore,” said Justin Beyer, a senior from Linn, Mo.
“It’s not sitting and watching; it’s being out there
and interactive.”
William Woods University is one of only about 25
schools in North America offering a fully-accredited
bachelor of science in ASL interpreting. McKay-
ASL Students go on Hands-On Field Trips
Something to
By Tara Boehl ’09