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D. Scott Miniea, Vice President of University Advancement
I’m happy to report that we are making
significant progress toward meeting the
$11.7 million Imagine Campaign goal that
will allow us to construct the Sorority Circle
and Amphitheatre, transform the former
president’s home into the O’Connor Alumni
and Visitors’ Center, and fund the endowment
to support the Center for Ethics and
Global Studies.
The Sorority Challenge is ongoing, and
will continue until the end of the campaign.
Gifts made to Imagine may be designated to
one of the four sororities.
Thank you to all campaign volunteers,
but especially the leaders of the four
committees: Alpha Chi Omega:
Judy Schmuck
, Alpha Phi:
Elizabeth Farris
Deborah Hutchison
Chi Omega:
Sudee Floyd
, Delta Gamma:
Kathryn Ude
Cori Wallace
University Advancement’s development
team is now in the general phase of the
campaign, offering alumni who are not
affiliated with sororities their personal
invitations to take part in this
record-breaking endeavor.
Additionally, faculty and staff of the
university will be invited to participate,
starting in the fall.
For the latest Imagine Campaign results,
please visit
In addition to the Imagine Campaign,
there are many other ways you, as donors,
impact WWU.
For example, you make it feasible for our
faculty to innovate in the classroom: your
support helps make it possible for the
academic dean’s office to provide internal
grants to faculty for creative projects. The
work of
Dr. Roger Wen
Dr. Linda Davis
typify such innovations.
Dr. Wen and other education faculty
worked to offer eMINTS certification for the
faculty of WWU’s eight education programs.
This training allows the faculty to become
certified eMINTS instructors.
eMINTS professional development uses
interactive group sessions and in-classroom
coaching/mentoring to help K-12 teachers
integrate technology into their teaching. It
uses an instructional model that promotes
inquiry-based learning, supports high-quality
lesson design, builds community among
students and teachers, and creates technology-
rich learning environments. eMINTS began
in Missouri – its name is an acronym for the
project enhancing Missouri’s Instructional
Networked Teaching Strategies.
Dr. Linda Davis serves as the adviser for
the Student Website Advancement Team
(SWAT). The SWAT students study website
development and use the program to build
their portfolios, gain real-world skills, and
earn internship credit, work/study pay, or
volunteer experience.
Through a faculty creativity grant,
Dr. Davis purchased hardware and
software and received training in usability
testing of websites. Now, SWAT can
provide usability testing to clients, giving
them feedback about where web users get
confused or lost in navigating their websites.
Usability testing is a growing need in
the field of website development, and the
data provided in usability testing can be
immediately used to improve the users’
experience. In fact, SWAT used the equipment
to provide feedback about current students’
experiences using the newly launched
WWU website.