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Upon completing their comps, these
ambitious students will begin writing their
doctoral dissertations under the direction of
dissertation committees chaired by members
of our graduate faculty.
I look forward to the commencement
ceremony in the near future when I will have
the opportunity to congratulate our first
WWU graduate and address him or her
as “Doctor.”
Never stagnant, we continue to pursue
a number of other academic expansions.
Among these are the first fully online
degree programs and additional online
courses that I discussed in the last edition
of The Woods, and the establishment of a
program that will be designed as a pathway
for those students who have earned
associate of applied science degrees
to complement that achievement with
bachelor’s degrees in applied science
from WWU.
In the meantime, overall enrollment
continues to increase, and our traditional
undergraduate programs for residential
Jahnae H. Barnett, Ph.D.
ince becoming president in 1990, I have
had the unique opportunity to lead and assist
in shaping the future of William Woods
University. We have taken advantage of
opportunities in the higher education
marketplace, while still remaining true
to our roots and our mission. One of the
most exciting changes during my recent
tenure has been the addition of the
university’s first doctoral program: the
Doctorate in Educational Leadership.
The 32 professional educators who
enrolled in the first two cohorts of the Ed.D.
program had attained bachelor’s, master’s,
and educational specialist degrees prior to
enrolling in the program. Members of this
first group have just finished their
coursework, mastering courses such as
Aspects of Leadership, Quantitative
Analysis II, Organizational Learning and
System Change, Program Evaluation and
Strategic Planning, and more.
As I write this in June, these doctoral
students are with us on campus in Fulton,
sitting for their comprehensive examinations.
students remain strong. And, as you will
read in the following pages, we embraced the
opportunity to host an internationally known
commencement speaker in May. Our alumni
continue to achieve successes in the “real
world,” and our popular Woods Around the
World program has been on two exciting
educational travel adventures this semester.
We continue to make substantial progress
toward completion of the Imagine Campaign,
thanks to many of you. And our hard-working
alumni board helped us to host a large number
of you in April.
There is a lot to be proud of at The Woods.
I hope each of you shares in my pride at our
many achievements and plans to build on the
successes we have experienced. If you have
not been to campus for a while, please try
to come back when the opportunity presents
itself. And stop by my office to say hello when
you do. I not only enjoy hearing about your
successes, but in many cases, take pride that I
was of some assistance when you were my
student. As I told many of you at your
graduation, “Leave here today and make
us proud.” And you have!
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