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2010 7
WWU's nationally acclaimed equestrian studies
division, where she participated in the develop-
ment of the country's frst four-year academic
degree program in equestrian science, and she
has personally trained several WWU horses that
achieved world and national championships.
“I have loved teaching at William Woods for the
past 42 years,” said Lampe. “One main thing I
have to be thankful for is all the wonderful horses
people have donated to us. Actually, the horses
are the teachers, and I have just put the horses
and the students together for a learning
She added, “I am grateful for all the support my
friends have shown to William Woods by donating
horses and scholarships, by helping us renovate
the stables and by fnancing the building of new
barns and arenas.”
Yelon has taught at William Woods since 1985,
providing classes on sociology, social problems,
ethics in social science, human behavior and
the social environment, race and ethnicity, social
movements and women in developing countries.
“I am very pleased to have been able to teach a
wide variety of students with different interests,”
Yelon said. “It is my hope that they have received
as much from me as I have from them. It has been
a very rewarding experience, and my interactions
with faculty and staff have always been of the
highest caliber.”
“Although they have retired as full-time faculty,
we are fortunate that all three plan to continue at
William Woods as adjunct professors,” Barnett
said. “This will allow them to continue to leave
their mark, infuencing and impacting the lives
of future students.”
Paul Clervi
Gayle Lampe
Harriet Yelon