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By Nickol Enss ’10
William Woods University has bid farewell to three
faculty members with a combined total of 113 years
of service to WWU.
Paul Clervi
, professor of art and chair of the division
of arts and science;
Gayle Lampe
, professor of
equestrian science, and
Harriet Yelon
, associate
professor of social work, left their full-time teaching
roles with the university at the end of the
academic year.
“We have been privileged to have Professors Clervi,
Lampe and Yelon on our faculty for such an extended
period of time. They have brought unique gifts to the
university, sharing their knowledge and skills with our
students and the campus community as a whole,” Dr.
Jahnae H. Barnett, president, said.
“In addition, through their work, each of them has
earned the respect of others in their feld—Professor
Clervi in sculpture, Professor Lampe in saddle seat
and Professor Yelon in social work. In turn, they have
brought credit and recognition to William Woods, for
which we are most grateful.”
Clervi has been a professor at William Woods since
1968, focusing on ceramics and sculpture.
“As an artist/teacher for more than 40 years here at
William Woods, I have tried to share my vision of art,
and the history and theory behind that discipline with
my students. It has been a time of joy and hard work. I
feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with
wonderful students and faculty, and I look forward to
continuing that relationship as an adjunct for several
years to come.”
Lampe, too, has taught at William Woods since 1968.
She has served as an instructor, coach, trainer, judge
and rider. She has been an instrumental force in
WWU Says Goodbye to Faculty with 113 years of Service