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By Nickol Enss ’10
Students at William Woods University served SERVE, and
learned from the experience.
SERVE, Inc., is a nonproft social service agency in Fulton,
Mo., that helps address the unmet needs of Callaway County.
Services include a food pantry, a transportation system, senior
volunteer placement, a thrift store, youth mentoring programs
and GED classes.
Through a program called academic service-learning, some
WWU professors combined education with community service
by taking on projects for SERVE in their classes.
“For a local not-for-proft on a limited budget and a small staff,
it would simply not be possible to accomplish these projects
without the efforts and talents of the William Woods students,”
Lisa Brown
, executive director of SERVE, Inc., said.
Linda Duke
, instructor of marketing and business, asked
her upper-level public relations class to work on revamping
SERVE’s image.
“Happily, to our surprise, they wanted us to re-brand the entire
SERVE organization. The class worked on their branding, logo
and signage,” Duke said.
Her public relations class was in charge of coming up with
a new look and mission statement for the nonproft agency,
creating new brochures and improving their web site.
“It was a great deal for both parties,” Duke said. “SERVE got
great materials to use, and our upper-level students walked
away with hands-on experience they can put on their
Cindy Robb
, instructor of sports medicine, also incorporated
service-learning in the classroom. Her advanced nutrition
WWU Students Learn by Serving SERVE
Lend A Helping Hand