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During their spring break, nine William Woods students
embarked on a cultural learning experience that took
them back more than 40 years. They learned about
and relived the civil rights movement.
"This trip was one of the most unique experiences I have
ever had,” said
Beth Outz
of Holts Summit, Mo. “The
sights, the museums, and the memories of the stories
told made this trip unforgettable and eye opening.”
Students enrolled in "Woods Around the World," a
course taught by the
Rev. Travis Tamerius
chaplain, toured the American South to further
understand the civil rights movement. During the
weeks leading up to the trip, the class talked about
the movement and read articles to give them an
initial understanding of what took place in the 1960s.
In addition to Outz, making the trip were
of Jefferson City, Mo.;
Elizabeth Cato
Grapevine, Texas;
Ciara Cheatum
of Fulton, Mo.;
Katirose Flint
of Berger, Mo.;
Amy Folkedahl
Weatherby Lake, Mo.;
Kristen Garnett
of Jefferson
City, Mo.;
Ashley Martin
of Belvidere, Ill., and
Jessica Tipton
of Emory, Texas.
Bargate said the trip was “one of the most
interesting, exciting, fun, moving and, above all,
inspiring experiences of my life. It made me realize
that no matter how old a person is or where he or she
comes from, if he or she believes in something
enough, it could become a reality.”
She added, “On this trip I learned how people of
different ages and backgrounds came together to
change the course of history.”
Flint said, “Not only did I learn about the diversity
of the south, I also learned about the diversity of
our campus and how everyone can get along
despite the differences we may have.”
According to Tamerius, the trip was designed to tie
together everything learned in class. During the trip,
students experienced places and events discussed in
lectures. To further their education and understanding,
they had the opportunity to interview participants in the
civil rights movement.
Tipton said, “The people we interviewed, the sites we
were blessed to see and the places we walked opened
my eyes to an entire world that I only thought I knew
“The individuals we met on this trip have inspired me
to be a better person, to stand up and fght for what I
believe in,” Cheatum said.
"Woods Around the World" is a unique experiential
learning course that takes the student beyond the
classroom and the textbook and into the real world
of another culture. The trip was made possible in part
through a grant from the Oreon E. Scott Foundation.
Back in Time
WWU Students Travel
By Mary Ann Beahon