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Summer 2009
During her speech Saturday morning, McCaskill provided fve pieces of
advice for the graduates:
1. Read the newspaper so you know what’s going on in the world.
Education is more than a paper, more than a fnal. Reading a
newspaper will make you more successful and a better citizen.
2. Get out of your comfort zone—talk to people you don’t agree with,
and don’t lose the art of conversing person-to-person. You don’t
have to agree with everyone. Just understand where they are
coming from.
3. Don’t let your degree get in the way—you are graduating with
a great education, but don’t let it ground you. Your degree
is valuable because of what you went through to get it. If you
want to do something else, do it. Do what you enjoy doing.
That’s the way to true success and a better life.
4. Take risks—when one door closes, another opens. Don’t be
afraid of failing; it makes you stronger.
5. Be optimistic—the bad days are what make the good days
worth it. Try to do something every day that is memorable.
Graduate students, most of whom received graduate education
degrees, heard from the executive director of the Missouri Association
of School Administrators (MASA),
Roger Kurtz
, on Friday evening,
May 8.
Top left: Members of a Columbia bachelor of
science cohort gather for a “class picture.” Left
to right, they are: Diane Patrick, Denise Schisler,
Crystal Curry, Ryder Jarvis and Angel Forsha.
Top right: Ross, Brandon, Lane, Liz and Bill
Bennett celebrate Lane’s graduation. Among
them, the Bennetts hold eight degrees
from WWU.
Middle left: President Jahnae H. Barnett,
Senator Claire McCaskill and Trustee
H. Dale LaRue visit before commencement.
Middle: Students participate in the traditional
Ivy Ceremony prior to Saturday’s
Middle right: Roger Kurtz addresses the
graduate students during Friday evening’s
Bottom left: Among the 417 graduates who
earned master of education degrees are: Renee
Haack, Michele Waller, Kelly Neudecker, Tarra
White, Anne Liese Groner and Jen Petterson.
Bottom middle: Ruthie Miller Anderson rejoices
with friends and family upon earning her MBA.
Bottom right: Sean Siebert hoods a master of
education graduate.