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Non-Proft Org.
U.S. Postage
Creative Printing
Services, Inc.
One University Avenue
Fulton, MO 65251
1.800.995.3159 x5
We believe in the power of education to open minds and doors.
As William Woods continues to grow, we must invest our
resources in high-tech facilities, innovative programs,
campus beautifcation projects and more, while providing
fnancial assistance to attract the brightest stars to
The Woods.
If you believe in the value of education, helping people to
expand their understanding of our world and become active,
engaged citizens, commit to making a difference. Become a
member of the WWU President’s Club Giving Society today!
Contact Amy @ 573.592.4220, or via e-mail at
Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck '72 and
Scott Gallagher
The President's Club Dinner
Amy LaRue Dittmer '97, far right,
with her parents, H. Dale and
Gwynne Hobbs LaRue '70