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Summer 2009
and even help coach youth sports, all while keeping
up with the course requirements."
WWU’s MBA program offers specialties in
accounting, agribusiness, health management
and human resources. Programs are offered
throughout Missouri for the convenience of students.
More than 99 percent of students enrolled hold
full-time jobs.
“William Woods provided the perfect mix of
graduate-level work with real-world applications
to help me be more successful in my career,” said
Dan Westhues
, WWU Board of Trustees member
and senior vice president, consumer banking
division, Central Bank, Jefferson City Mo.
“The practical knowledge of the professors is
an invaluable resource as you study theories
in business,” added Westhues, who earned his
MBA from WWU in 1996.
Established in 1993 to meet the needs of working
adults, WWU’s accelerated program takes 18-22
months to complete. The average age of its MBA
students is 38. At $305 per credit hour, it remains
one of the most affordable programs around,
charging considerably less than most institutions
in the top 25.
Personal attention is something the William Woods
MBA program strives for, with a student to faculty
ratio of 10:1. Only six institutions in the top 25 have
a lower ratio.
“WWU’s MBA program is a tremendous value
proposition for time-starved working professionals
seeking to enhance their careers,”
Ed Vought
president of Mainstreet Bank in Ashland, Mo.,
and a 1995 MBA graduate of William Woods, said.
“One of the most attractive elements is that it will
continue to pay you dividends well beyond
completion of the program.”
“WWU offers a wonderful educational opportunity
for full-time, working professionals who are
seeking to obtain a quality education. Their
program provides students with educators who have
real-life experiences and the opportunity to meet
and work with other career individuals,” said
Cauwenbergh Walden
, legislative director for
the Public School and Education Employee
Retirement Systems of Missouri.
She added, “Since completing my MBA program in
2005, I have had opportunities that would not have
been available to me had it not been for my advanced
degree and the contacts I made at WWU.”
Dr. Michael Westerfeld
, vice president and dean of
Graduate and Adult Studies, said, “At William Woods
University, we are committed to excellence in our
graduate programs. With a commitment to
professional graduate education, we are determined
to create programs that mix theory with practical
application. WWU's MBA is an excellent example
of this learning model and provides our students
real-world experience that they can use immediately
in their profession. WWU graduates are our best
evidence of success.”
For more information about WWU’s programs for
working adults, consult the web site: