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The Woods
“After presenting the event plan and proving to the regional and state
director that the university had all of the necessary resources to produce
this event–including faculty, students, horses and facilities–the Speical
Olympics team was on board,” said Mullen.
Before the event, Diane Brimer, central area director for Special Olympics,
said, “This event has the potential to reach some individuals who do not
usually participate in Special Olympics. It provides an opportunity to
introduce more people to Special Olympics, and I’m grateful to
Gary and his crew for taking the lead on this.”
Comments after the event were positive and supportive.
“Sarah had a GREAT time,” Jeanie W. Byland, mother of participant
Sarah Byland of Columbia, Mo., said. “The event was so well planned.
We all enjoyed it. I appreciate all the time that went into planning this
event. Sarah is still telling everyone about it.”
Laura Jensen, director of Exceptional Equestrians of Missouri Valley in
Washington, Mo., said, “Thanks for holding such a wonderful event!”
“Our participants, our volunteers, our horses and I had a thoroughly
good time,” Mary B. Adams, program coordinator of Star Time Riders
from Pleasant Hill, Mo., said.
“The event was very well done and you all should give yourselves a
mighty ‘pat on the back’ for the excellent job,” Paula S. Boys, a
participant with Illinois Area 10 Equestrian Team from Decatur, Ill., said.
Questions regarding the WWU theraputic riding program or equestrian
2008 Special Olympics State Invitational should be directed to
Gary Mullen at 573.592.4280 or
Pictured, left to right, top to bottom:
Kate Woodard, co-manager of the Equestrian Special Olympics, assists
Larry Stephens of Columbia (Mo.) Riders. Woodard collaborated on the project
with Gary Mullen, equestrian studies division chair, through the Mentor-Mentee
Honors Program.
Luke Bossaller, a member of Exceptional Equestrians of Missouri Valley in
Washington, Mo., shows off his bronze medal.
Four of the 20 students in the therapeutic riding class at William Woods
University pose during the Equestrian Special Olympics at WWU. Students
(in yellow, left to right) are Kate Woodard, Amanda Smith, Leah Hohmeier
and Corey DeVore. With them are Debra and Jimmy Sue Bible (in blue) and
Michelle Conley on horseback, all part of Exceptional Equestrians of Missouri
Valley in Washington, Mo.
Allie Layos congratulates Amber Gerken, a member of Star Time Riders in
Pleasant Hill, Mo., on her blue ribbon.
Mary B. Adams a coach for Star Time Riders in Pleasant Hill, Mo., helps
Casey Hill of Pleasant Hill, maneuver through the obstacle course.