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The Woods
Front row: Nancy Saemann Back and Carolyn Fox Schaefer; Back row:
Carol Giacin Leible, Marilyn Kehr Bishop, Phyllis Stevenson and
Glenda Carpenter Talbot
Class of 1958
Class of 1973
Front row: Meg Lucas and Deb Grisham Wehrman; Back row: Susan
Howard and Susan Stotler Bartosch
Class of 1963
Front row: Linda Pursley Houlle, Beverly Condray; Back row: Jan Warner
Taylor, Mindy Wagner Padgett, Heniretta Swartz Miller, Margart Santie
Katchhoefer and Pat Thomson
Class of 1968
Front row: Carrie Taylor Lester, Georgia Kimbro Harris, Patricia Chadwick
Lawrence; Back row: Perry Lyon, Caroline Newhall Conroy,
Mary Morgan and Margot McAnany Drew
Class of 1978
Left to right: Nancy Haack Lillenberg, Melody Hagen Clark
and Patty McBroom
Class of 1948
Left to right: Susan Linnemeyer Russell, Frankie Glatz Reifsteck and
Ada Klostermayer Gingrich