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The Woods
Alumni Weekend 2008
Alumni Board members and friends
hosting the joint cocktail party.
Successful auction bidders Kristina Stultz
02 and Anna Marchesi Shy
Friday’s dinner brings alums from
the class of 1973 together.
Members of the 1988 class take time for
the camera during Friday’s dinner.
Alumni are intrigued by the centerpieces,
designed by Tammy Buschmann Boehm
depicting WWU history.
The 50-year class of 1958 poses following
the medal ceremony.
Alumni board members, Sudee Miller
83, Gracemarie Cretella
83 and
Chris Lich Daniels
76 peruse the jewelry
to be raffed on Saturday.
What could be better than bargain bidding
at Friday night’s silent auction?
Cool weather couldn’t prevent a great turn
out at Saturday’s wine tasting.