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The Woods
ummer is upon us, and with it, the annual ritual
of sprucing up the campus for the coming academic
year. We would like to thank those generous alumni
and donors for the fnancial support you have given
to help us in this endeavor. We couldn’t do it
without you!
Here’s a quick update on the many renovations in
process at The Woods:
Anderson Arena
Improvements to the Helen Stephens Sports Complex are
complete, and on April 11, we dedicated the renovated
gymnasium, naming it “Anderson Arena,“ in honor of
Dana and Sue Anderson of Los Angeles, Ca.
(See story p. 7).
Junior Lake
We need six weeks of dry weather that will allow us to
work in order to fnish the lake reconstruction. With the
current state of weather affairs, we will complete the
renovations by fall semester.
Woods Way Entrance
Weather has been a problem here, also. Work on the
lighting of the new entrance roadway and the ironwork
fencing that extends between the brick columns is nearly
complete. We need it to dry up to fnish the roadway.
The landscaping will be installed this fall.
Firley Soccer Field
We are happy to announce that we will be adding lights
to the Firley Soccer Field and that should be completed
by fall semester as well. The practice soccer feld surface
will be graded and an underground watering system
Cox Science and Language Building
We are updating the fooring and installing walkways
on the roof that will allow the observatory to resume
use by the science department.
Tucker Dining Hall & The Ivy Room
Both the Nielsen Room and Tucker Dining Hall will
get new furniture, carpet, wall coverings and paint by
the start of fall semester. The newly named, “Ivy Room,”
on the lower level (formerly known as the “Blue Room“)
has new carpeting, drop ceilings and lighting,
air-conditioning, a state-of-the-art sound system and a
fresh coat of paint. Restroom and hallway renovations
are also in progress.
Residence Halls
The heating and cooling units in Booth, Cockrell,
Serena, Brockman and Lambert should be installed by
the fall semester. All the sleeping rooms in Brockman
and Lambert will be painted this summer. We are also
painting in Booth and Cockrell – foyers and recreation
areas – and Booth is getting a new ceramic tile foor in
the recreation area. Both Booth and Cockrell will have
new furniture. Jones will also get a fresh coat of paint
this summer.
Other Construction Improvements
Painting and carpeting in the six classrooms in the
Academic Building are complete. New blackboards
and a number of tech items will be
installed prior to the start of fall semester.
by Scott Gallagher, vice president of university advancement