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The past four years went by really
quickly. You’ve learned so much
and made us so proud with all your
accomplishments. We know you’re
going to be a terrifc teacher and
inspire many young minds.
We love you, Mom & Dad
Graduation is
here. It seems as
if we just dropped
you off at William
Woods to start your
freshman year and
go through rush.
You have worked
hard, made lifelong
friends and become
an amazing woman.
We are very proud
of you. Take all
you have learned
from your teachers,
classes and AXO sisters and put it to good
use in all your endeavors.
We love you,
Mom and Dad
You are a blessing in our lives!
We are all so proud of you and all
of your accomplishments.
We love you!
Mom, Dad,
Daniel and
Megan Alyssa,
I think of you,
I hear from you,
I speak of you,
And always smile!
My beautiful, courageous
and thoughtful daughter
who has always
challenged herself and
exceeded all expectations.
I am so proud of you,
love mom
Farewell Dr. Pierson
Thank you for taking us all
under your wing and always
making WWU feel like home.
Anywhere you go, we know
you will be helpful and
awesome as always. We'll
miss you so much.
All the best,
Sigma Tau Delta
Monday, April 25, 2011
The Talon 15