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Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning
to breathe free.” This is part of
a poem by Emma Lazurus that
appears not in the pages of a book,
but on the Statue of Liberty, a
symbol of the American
dream itself.
However, after listening to
student comments after a recent
presentation on immigration, it is
clear that many of us have either
forgotten this dream, or no longer
care to recognize it.
When presented with the
issue of what to do about the
many undocumented immigrants
(specifically ones with a Mexican
heritage), the solution for many
is all too simple: “We don’t
want them here. Increase
border patrol.”
The solution is not that easy,
however. This is not a case of
immigrants coming into our land
and stealing what is rightfully
ours because they feel like it. This
is a case of people, real people,
doing what they have to do to feed
their families.
Undocumented immigrants
are not undocumented because
they are too lazy to go through
the process of attaining a visa or
citizenship. Our nation, the same
one that bears Lazurus’ poem,
has made it so that these people
cannot immigrate to America
legally—because they don’t have
the money, because they can’t wait
10 years, and, frankly, because
they’re not like “us.”
They are not militant criminals
or vagabonds looking for a
handout; they are simply people
like you and I who have families
and children dependent upon
them. And they’re going to keep
coming—because their lives
depend on it.
Instead of suggesting the
superficial solution of building
more walls and installing more
snipers, the people of this
nation best remember what our
country is known for and how are
ancestors got here, because, for
the most part, they weren’t born
on this land.
The solution lies with our
legislation and with our actions.
Legislation like the North
American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA) has left many Mexican
farmers unable to produce an
income. Today, Mexicans are
making approximately 15 percent
as much as their American
neighbors. And, currently, they
are being controlled by the drug
cartel— not a good situation.
They cannot live like that.
Unless we’re willing to fix their
country completely, which I don’t
think we can, we should allow
them the same privilege that
those before us were allowed—
the ability to immigrate to a
brighter future.
But, if still you feel like this is
“your country” and they don’t
belong there, then the issue is
not them, and you are not truly
concerned with the fact that
they are undocumented. You are
concerned with the fact that they
are different, and you are afraid.
And if we close our borders
because of an unwarranted
fear, then it is time to make new
textbooks, take down our Statue
of Liberty and call us by a new
name, because “American” is not
what I think of when I think of
hatred, fear and discrimination
based on nothing but a border.
By Dani Moritz
The immigration debate
As a direct descendent of
legal immigrants who came
for an abundant life filled with
opportunity, I do not favor illegal
immigration or granting amnesty
to illegal aliens.
Programs and employers
who unlawfully aid and reward
illegals set legal citizens up to
incur costs they cause—costs
that include, but are not limited
to, medical help, legal help,
education and wages lost from
jobs taken by illegals. This is
unfair to all American taxpayers.
Those who enter the United
States illegally are in direct
violation of the law, and by
granting amnesty to them we
are rewarding them for behaving
illegally. This is in direct
contradiction to what we all
learn at an early age—to tell the
truth, obey and respect the laws
of our nation.
The United States has a
process for acquiring citizenship.
If a person wants to live and
work in the U.S., then they should
follow the regulations and
become legal citizens.
According to the website, in testimony
before the House Subcommittee
on Immigration and Border
Security, District Attorney
John M. Morganelli stated,
“Unfortunately, the majority of
illegal aliens who are here are
engaged in criminal activity.
“Identity theft, use of
fraudulent social security
numbers and green cards,
tax evasion, driving without
licenses represent some of the
crimes that are engaged in by
the majority of illegal aliens on
a daily basis merely to maintain
By Alex Cash
Let them in
and open the
borders to all
and hide their illegal status.
“In addition, violent crime and
drug distribution and possession
is also prevalent among illegal
aliens. Over 25 percent of today’s
federal prison populations are
illegal aliens. In some areas of the
country, 12 percent of felonies,
25 percent of burglaries and 34
percent of thefts are committed
by illegal aliens.”
So why should America help
their country if we can’t stop
murders from happening, house
invasions and gangs and mafias
that leads our own drug cartel.
If they are willing to go through
the process like others now called
“American” citizens, where they
too go through the process? No!
So why should America bend
over backwards to allow more
illegal immigrants to come over.
It is not fair for the citizens that
went through the process and
spent money to gain citizenship if
others can walk in for free. How
“American” is that?
After listening to students state
their opinion at the immigration
event on campus earlier this year,
it is clear that many citizens are
not in favor of helping illegal
immigrants come over. They need
to go through the process like
everyone else, to get a job and pay
their own taxes.
I do not want my tax money to
go to Medicare and Medicaid as
illegals go to the hospital with no
insurance and no money. If you
are a true American, you aren’t
afraid to state your own opinion
about issues and stand up for
the United States. Each president
takes the oath to protect America
and the Constitution. And that’s
what we should do.
Keep them
out- protect
US citizens
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Monday, April 25, 2011
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