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Tucker’s version of Mexican
food is usually the “nacho bar,”
which can be limiting. A good way
to spice this up – pun intended
– is to add things from the salad
bar. For example: grab a plate of
nacho chips from the bar to begin
with. Avoid the nacho cheese…
besides being pretty unhealthy,
it is usually a good idea to avoid
foods that have taken on a color
that makes you question how
it’s made.
Instead, go to the salad bar and
cover your chips with shredded
cheese of any flavor. Add some
salsa, veggies of your choice,
and pop in the microwave for 30
seconds. If you like meat on your
nachos, add ground beef if
it’s available.
Our personal favorite includes
grabbing some chicken or pork
from the comfort food bar,
shredding it into pieces, and
adding that to the nachos that you
put in the microwave. Top it all off
with some cold lettuce and sour
cream, and you’d be surprised
how good your nachos can be!
Another Mexican option we
were excited to see at Tucker is
the black bean enchiladas. This
dining duo believes that, on the
right day, this can be the best
southwest option that Tucker has
to offer. In fact, it doesn’t need
much changing!
Even if you’re a regular meat-
eater, step out of your comfort
zone of beef tacos and grab one
of these bean enchiladas. Add a
dollop of sour cream, and you’re
good to go. When tackling the
taco bar, apply the same method
from the nacho bar. Take a shell
(hard or soft), add some meat,
and then hit the salad bar. Try
shredded cheese, kidney beans,
and red peppers. Don’t be afraid
to step out of your comfort zone!
By Lucy Fuelle and
Lauren Greenwald
When Tucker gives you lemons: Mexican edition
Thank you Talon senior editors!
Congratulations Jason and Aaron and Molly and thank you for your guidance
and leadership this year in making
The Talon
a campus newspaper of which to be
proud. We will do our best to carry on your good work next year as you pursue
“life after The Woods.”
Since getting back from a
spring break trip south of the
border, this dining duo has had
Mexican food on the mind. For
this edition of the Tucker help
column, we wanted to give you
some tips on how to have a better
festa of your own, be it in Tucker
or out in the area.
When in Tucker
When it comes to Mexican
food in this area, we all know
the number one choice: Jalisco
Mexican Restaurant – commonly
known as “Jalisco’s.” After polling
our friends and regular Jalisco
customers, we discovered that
many common menu choices
include the chicken, steak, and
cheese quesadillas, the chicken
nachos, and chimichanga.
While these are all rightfully
popular, there are some other
menu options that we have
recently discovered that also
deserve some fame. Ordering the
fajita taco salad as opposed to
just the plain option, for example,
can spice the taco salad up. This
adds a little sizzle to an already
delicious meal.
On the same note, the fajita
chicken nachos are one step up
from the regular chicken nachos,
with more veggies and a different
taste. Even though these bigger
meals may cost a dollar or two
When dining out
more, they’re something good to
try when you feel like a different
variation on the stuff you
already love.
Seemingly a more
boring choice, the
soft tacos often
get overlooked.
However, their simple
deliciousness is also easy
on the wallet. Another
inexpensive option is
to get your favorite
quesadilla with a side of
sour cream. Add the free
salsa to the quesadilla, top with
sour cream, and enjoy a vamped
up option that comes to
under $5.
If you’re in the Columbia
area, there’s another
Mexican option that
this dining duo strongly
recommends. Taqueria El
Rodeo, similar to Jalisco,
provides excellent and
highly authentic Mexican
If you happen to be
heading to Como on the
weekend, this place serves up
fresh tamales that are made
only on the weekend, and
are absolutely worth the
We hope this helps you
better enjoy some of the
Mexican options here in
mid-Missouri. Feel free to
email us with what you
tried – we love to hear
new ideas about food.
Happy eating!
The Talon
Congratulations Talon seniors!
The Talon 10
Monday, April 25, 2011