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Bridgette Doig
San Diego, Calif., was named
Marketing Student of the Year
at the 50
Annual American
Marketing Association
conference. She also received
the $1,000 Gerald Koetting
Scholarship award at the
conference Feb. 25 in St. Louis.
The statewide competition
included more than 200 students.
Doig was required to submit a
resume, cover letter, an example
of her marketing work and a
letter of recommendation
from a member of WWU’s
marketing faculty.
“This is an amazing award
and honor for both Bridgette
and William Woods,”
, marketing instructor,
said, to which WWU President
Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett
“Well, it is not ‘too’ amazing once
you know our faculty, and once
you have spent a little time with
Bridget!! Congratulations to all.
Well deserved.”
“Our students at WWU are
exceptional students,” Duke
said.  “Bridgette Doig winning
first place at the AMA in St.
Louis is yet another example of
the outstanding students and
education that William Woods
has to offer.
Duke added, “This is the first
time in several years that WWU
has entered a marketing student
Bridgette Doig proclaimed
Marketing Student of the Year
By Molly Dougherty
into this competition and as her
marketing faculty, I am probably
more excited than Bridgette is!”
Doig prepared for the
conference through the real-
world experience of starting
her own website development
business, taking business classes
at WWU, and participating
in a marketing internship in
California last summer.
“WWU prepared me for the
conference by teaching me the
necessary skills for the business
and marketing world, teaching
me how to write resumes and
cover letters, and by having
classes that put students in a real
business setting,” said Doig.
Her favorite part of the
experience was learning the
various marketing techniques
each company used to launch
their products or services.
“I would recommend this
conference to everyone who
is interested in business and
marketing,” she said. “It is such
a great opportunity to learn
and network.”
Students in the art, theatre and
communications areas recently
received achievement awards
during annual portfolio reviews.
Students presented their
portfolios in front of various
faculty and staff members, as
well as working professionals.
They were judged on their
presentation in a variety
of categories.
The purpose of the review
is to assess the educational
development and growth of
the students and award those
who have excelled in their
respective field.
Six visual art students were
recipients of awards. They are:
Kaycee Wyatt
, professional
Anna LeRoy
craftsmanship and design;
Madelynn Meyer,
and creativity;
Jennifer Sain
dedication to the arts;
Erica Begley
, artistic growth.
Three students earned awards
in theatre:
Jason Cavallone
professional presentation;
Dustin West
, dedication to
craft, and
Michael Dodson
artistic growth.
Four students earned awards
in communications.
Eliza Payne
professional presentation;
, creativity;
Kelly Maurer
technical approach, and
, overall growth.
Students receive
portfolio awards