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Italian culture;
everything from
the food to talking
to the people
to shopping.
Traveling is a
great way to learn
about a country
and then immerse
yourself in everything you’ve heard about.”
In addition to Wortmann, Horn and Scriber, students
travelling to Italy are Ilana Archuleta, Angela Arizpe, Erica
Begley, Linsay Bernard, Meghan Bleigh, Tiffany Bounds,
Stephanie Chism, Gina Davis, Bridgette Doig, Nicole Elliott,
Amy Folkedahl, April Jones, Sydnee Kuster, Jordan Murray,
Madeline Ortego, Jason Rose, Kelcie Spradley, Elizabeth
Thomas and Katie Wolfert.
“The learning experience that traveling abroad provides
is immeasurable,” said Wortmann. “Not only do you learn
about other cultures and how they compare to our daily
lives, but you learn about how you personally handle
different situations and what your core values are. Everyone
should experience a trip overseas at least once in their lives.”
The students will blog about their trip, using first-
person accounts, photographs and video interviews. Those
interested can follow the trip at
“So much of our class is spent considering what it might
mean to live in someone else’s place or times,” Tamerius
said. “And because we focus on what it means to be a
Roman citizen in the ancient world or an Italian living in
contemporary Rome, it helps us to understand what it
means to be an American, as well.”
Italy--continued from page 6
Spring Break Photos
Going away for Spring Break? Want to be
featured in The Talon? Bring your William Woods
spirit with you wherever you go; take a picture
sporting your WWU gear and you could be featured
in the next issue of The Talon. Just send your
pictures to
by March 23.
Spring Break Plans
"I'm going to Chicago because
the first day of spring break is
my 21st birthday."
Andrea Weed
Photo by Lincoln Purvis
What are your plans for spring break?
“Either Florida with the golf team
or St. Pat’s in Rolla.”
Chris Martin
“Going to Louisville to see
Lady Gaga.”
Molly Nichols